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Least Favorite NFL Player and why


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Jul 26, 2004
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Rodney Harrison, he is a cheap shot artist. I actually get excited at the prospect of him being injured. Eric Moulds is a close second and Leonard Little gets third.
T.O., he passed anyone close on my list when he spit in Hall's face. I, also, cannot stand the way the media covers TO's reactions during Cowboys games. This is combined with everything else he has did that makes him look like a punk during his career.
T.O., no doubt about it, and since I'm guessing he'll probably make up about 95% of all posts to come in this thread, I'll try and pick another...

Aside from TO, I'd probably say Joey Porter and Dan Klecko.
Randy Moss, because he could be the one of the best WR. of all time but he chooses to cry and take plays off, etc.
Chad Johnson he isn't even that good of a reciever yeah he puts up good numbers every year but he has terrible hands
Randy Moss without a doubt. The guy has the most potential to be an All-Star receiver yet he consistently takes plays off and he's an *******. If i had 3/4 of the talent he had i would be happy. Insted he's waste his talent by being an ***.
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