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Mad-Dog : Super Bowl Going Thru NY?!?!?!


May 21, 2002
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Ft. Lauderdale, FL
I was just coming back from the bank, and listening to Mad Dog on 560 wqam. He was responding to some e-mails he got, and one of them was "Who are your Super Bowl picks??"....

He said, "I hate to say this Dolphin fans, but it looks like the road to the Super Bowl will be going through NY this year."

I was shocked to say the least.

Maybe he's just trying to light a fire.....

PHINZ RULE!!!:fire:
I think that may be over-exagerrated(sp?), but I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little concerned about the Jets. They are looking real dangerous. We'll have to be at the top of our game to beat them this season. I officially retract the statement I made a few months back about how the Jets were going to suck. I change my opinion. I think it will be a dog-fight between the 'Fins and the Jets for the AFC East title......
Agreed the Jets have looked sharp but its still pre season. They may have been doing things to give themselfs confidence with all the new people on the D and O-line. Lets see how they do for real.
The JETS have always given us trouble and they've always beat some good teams each year...I never under estimate them..I think with our 5 new additions to the O..1. Chambers starting..2. Nails at guard. 3. McMicheal at TE..4. Dixon playing LT and of course 5. Ricky Williams at TB..and our biggest change to the O..Norv's playbook..we should give the Jets a good game..We won't be as predictable as usual and their D is still a little suspect in my mind..but time will tell. They defintely will be in the running at the end of the season.
I was thinking the same thing dirty, lol! :)

Originally posted by dirtywhiteboy
maybe he was brain-washed by howard david!
HAHAHA!!! somebody ought to let him know that the starters play all 4 qrts. in the regular season!
I like this. This team is doing well in the preseason and everyone thinks they are gonna win a super bowl. Remember when the Vikings had a great preseason last year? They had a GREAT season. :lol: The Jets have aren't very good at reciever and they are very undersized at that position as well, their QB sucks, and their corner tandem is pretty bad. There is nothing to worry about.
I believe the road to the super bowl goes through the Jets this year but not because I believe the Jets are contenders for it. Its because the simple fact of the matter is that we are not going anywhere unless we beat the Jets AT LEAST once this year. There's no use denying that the Jets curse is a monkey on our back and its really GETTING to our players. Beating the Jets is significant. If we can't face that kind of adversity we won't be able to face the kind of challenges that the end of the year typically present to us in terms of injuries and playoffs.

The Jets have looked good in the preseason, but I reserve judgement until they look good in the regular season. There's a LOT of teams out there that have looked good in the preseason at one time or another this preseason. Folly to think the Jets are the only one.
Originally posted by iceblizzard69
The Jets have aren't very good at reciever and they are very undersized at that position as well, their QB sucks, and their corner tandem is pretty bad. There is nothing to worry about.

Cheez... I can't believe I'm going to defend the Jets but Vinny ain't bad just old. Their WRs beat our corners last year remember?? The corners will have to prove themselfs tis year. But this year our pass rush is going to Knock Vinny out of the league.
I also believe in the Jets. I'm not worried about our offense moving and scoring against them. That's never been a problem. It's our defense. Specifically, our defense keeping Mawae off Zach and our DBs sticking with their WRs.
The whole Mawae vs Zach thing is very overrated and blown far out of proportion in my opinion. For the last 2 years or so, when the Jets have beaten us, it is due to either our offensive ineptitude (see 2nd game this year, 2nd game last year) or because we couldn't stop their passing game (see the MNF debacle in 2000), or a combination of the two (see this year at the Meadowlands).

Curtis Martin never ends up being a real deciding factor.

MAD DOG must have been tipping a few too many down at SHULA'S in LAKES!! I think we will fight it out with the JETS for the DIVISION, but the road goes through PITTSBURGH!! Did you see their SCHEDULE??? Alot of creampuffs!!Their hardest stretch is at the beginning! They are a solid team and well coached!! No DOUBT!!
In that case, they may not be game-tested come playoffs. The glass is half-full.
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