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Marino or Kelly?


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Oct 14, 2002
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Who was better...

Marino= Records, stats...etc

Kelly= 5 Championships

Who was better, in your opinion.

P.S.- Lets not get hostile here.
Marino was not a team player. All he cared about were his gaudy stats.
Marino was clearly the better player. He had nothing around him, and he made them a good team every year. If he had the same supporting cast as Jim Kelly, he would have WON 4 Super Bowls!!!
He won 4 championships...sorry... I was including the IFL to.
Uhm dude. Conference championship??? DOH! :monkey:
Confernce Championships is like kissing you sister they don't count for anything. Beside Marino made it to the Super bowl in 84 had to of won the Confernce to do that
What the hell is the International Football League?

If you're talking about the USFL, he didn't win a championship there either. Geez Quizlet you need to get it together.


If were going to start counting Conference championships then we're in real trouble.
There is an IFL. I will get you the link....if I can find it...
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