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maybe i am dumb but why dont the fins..


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Aug 16, 2002
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it is not unncommon for a draft pick that keeps holding out to get traded when the owners and agnets just cant seem to find a groove. Wouldn't it be nice if Dave and rick give the vikings a call and ask what they would like for Bryant Mckinnie? Just a thought .. does anyone know what it would take to get this done?
I hate greedy mf'ers in players like mckinnie. as ood as he might be, he can f*ck off.
Well damn chambers...Let us know how you REALLY feel...:lol:
Stupid kid hasn't played a down in the NFL, and thinks he is worth more then 13.1 mill?

The NFL needs to get with the program, and set a rookie salary for at least the first year. This way the kids come in, play the first year for a set amount, and then the teams can negotiate for the rest of the players years.

Guys like McKinney are just pathetic.
hopefully he'll sit out so we will not need to face him on 12/21
The collective bargaining agreement states that a drafted player who is unsigned can not have his rights traded to another team within 30 calendar days of the regualr season.

The only way he can be traded now is if he signs a deal without a signing bonus then is traded to a team that redoes his contract.

This way the team that trades him doesn't take a hit on cap and the player gets to go to a team that has a set deal with his agent already to sign when he comes to the new team.

Or at least the only scenario I can see.
Yeah there's no chance he gets traded. Either he sits out and re-enters the draft next year, or he signs.

The only thing more annoying than a TRULY greedy player, are the people who talk so much **** about players being greedy without knowing exactly what the situation is. Bryant McKinnie is not a wanted man in Minnesota. He knows it, and the Vikes are treating him like they don't want him...because they DIDN'T. They WANTED Ryan Sims, badly. But due to a draft day fiasco where they could have in fact HAD Ryan Sims had their man just spoken the words instead of waiting for the Cowboys and Chiefs to get their **** together, they ended up with Bryant McKinnie.

And since then they have not offered McKinnie anything close to fair market value for his contract. I'm sorry but you can not blame a player for wanting to play for market value because otherwise the team is cheating him. Please see Alex Marvez' article about how Zach Thomas agrees with Randy Moss and Edgerrin James. There's a very specific slotting process involved with signing draft picks according to where they were drafted. Old Meathead Mike Tice is the kind of coach who only likes "his" players and doesn't like anyone else and will act accordingly. If you don't believe me, keep up a little bit on what has been going on with the Vikes in recent history. Bryant McKinnie is not a Mike Tice player. Ryan Sims was. So instead of finding out what the picks before and after Bryant McKinnie signed for, and offering Bryant a FAIR MARKET CONTRACT based on those numbers, the Vikings have offered McKinnie a FULL MILLION DOLLARS below what the pick AFTER McKinnie signed for.

So if I'm Bryant McKinnie, and the draft pick before me gets like $9.5 million signing bonus, and the draft pick below me gets an $9 million signing bonus...why the FVCK would I sign a contract with an $8 million signing bonus? It doesn't make sense. The Vikes are the culprits here NOT McKinnie. There's billions of bucks being had in football and each and every player deserves their share of those billions because THEY are the reason we watch. The XFL proved that.

Ever since the Korey Stringer thing, and then Mike Tice's subsequent takeover of the organization, I have lost so much respect for the Vikings organization that its ridiculous and I'm not even surprised that they are failing to offer their first round pick something even CLOSE to fair market value for his the point where they are going to lose their draft pick Bryant McKinnie. Bryant deserves a better team than that.

Incidentally the Dolphins also low-balled their draft pick Seth McKinney by offering him far below market price for his signing bonus. BUT, they made up for it by including incentives that are so ridiculously easy to achieve that his first year salary is guaranteed to make up the difference between what his signing bonus SHOULD have been, and what his signing bonus actually was. The Dolphins did it right. They only offered the low bonus because they had an unusually small rookie allocation anyway...and as the first class organization that they are they made up for it and that is why Seth McKinney is here. The Vikes have made no such attempts to offer a fair contract, and have even attempted to collude with the Chiefs so that they could grab McKinnie by the nut sack even more.

I for one hope McKinnie holds out, re-enters the draft next year, gets selected by a team that WANTS him, and gets what he's worth. He's going to be one heck of a great left tackle in this league and I could only wish he were a dolphin. Subsequently I hope the loss of a good LT leaves the Vikings wallowing in he|| for years to come while Mike Tice is fired after his first year and replaced with someone who shakes up the whole organization and brings respectability back to it.
I might sound's probably cause I don't keep up with college football that much...Who is he? I have never heard of him...Is he a QB, WR, etc? :confused: :o
Dominant as in he never gave up a sack in his college career.
Give up Ricky for a OL? I wouldn't like that at all...Wouldn't make much sense...I mean we really needed either a RB or a QB. sounds crazy to me
Let's say he does reenter the draft next year... where will he be picked? Will he even be a first round pick? Probably not and he will certainly not get 13.1 from any team. Dumb. He is cheating himself. Although, he would look nice at LT for us... Maybe we can get him with our second round pick next year! Not bad...
"IF" McKinnie enters next years draft he is a GUARENTEED BONAFIED FIRST ROUND PICK!!!!!!! There is no doubt about it......he may not go as high as he did this year, but with good workouts he just might.

What Minnesota is doing is absolutely pathetic and is a HUGE public relations nightmare. McKinnie has said publicly he wants to be there, and that he will accept a contract offer that is correctly slotted. He just wants what is his, and that is more than the #8 pick, but less than the #6 pick, simple enough right? Not to the Vikings.

Who are they trying to impress here? It makes zero sense and there is NO logic behind it. Just to re-ieterate, there is NO sense to what they are doing.

Maybe they are holding off on a contract till all that collusion talk dies down....I believe he will be signed at some point and will be a Viking....for how long? Who knows, but no way in hell do i see the guy re-entering next years draft....

He doesn't want a ludacrous amount of money, and a bad team doesn't waste a #7 overall pick, just doesn't happen. They will wise up, I hope.

One more problem I see, is that Red McCombs has been public in the negotiating, and has called for an even LOWER offer next time that is both CRAZY and DUMB!!!!

Glad I'm a Phins fan.....
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