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Mcmichael.....its Now A Mental Decision...


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Jan 27, 2002
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Hello Everyone... Watched the scrimmage...and we all know what we saw....there is no sense of repeating myself on what happened out there.

I would gave a scrimmage game ball to HENRY TAYLOR on defense.....and to Randy Mcmichael on offfense.....and a total position congradulations to every single player along that DEFENSIVE LINE as well.....what a perfromance from that DL...even in this controlled scrimmage!

I know what JED WEAVER brings us....and I am already seeing enough raw talent out of RANDY McMICHAEL....that he is going to be the long-term answer for us....this the TE position. He is just beginning to now feel his way through the offense. Jed Weaver is not a great blocker....but neither really is Mcmichael. But what you see out there in RANDY over 1. faster legs....and 2. More yards after the catch.

For these 2 reasons should want Mcmichael in there on opening day.....but what about the other side of the game....called the mental side?

I think the coaches are now seeing that Mcmichael has all the raw talent that they had hoped for when they drafted him. Now....they are saying to themselves....Can they trust this rookie run all the correct routes? Will he miss a blocking assignment? Will he make those rookie mistakes? Is it worth starting him now....over JED WEAVER? Bottom Line: If RANDY hits the playbook....I think his natural ability will simply allow WANNY to start him on opening day.....he is the better all-around athlete....than WEAVER is....and that is why I would let him play and play and play....until that opening game agianst the LIONS. We know what WEAVER can do....we really don't know the limits for this RANDY McMicheal....but my goodness....the yards this guy can make after the the key.

As for HENRY TAYLOR......he was very impressive....very similar in the way DAMIEN GREGORY jumped into our minds after an early scrimmage---some years ago. He may be ahead of ERNEST "hasn't done much at camp" GRANT....right now. GRANT has been recovering from serious migraines though...

The 4 headed DE line....was very impressive...and that situation is a go....there is nothing to think about...

I thought SEAVERNS did some good things today....he has the intensity you really like.

BRENT SMITH.....was playing left tackle a matador with a red cape. And the bull was JEVON KEARSE. There was no excuse....on some plays.....KEARSE just flew by him without even SMITH getting in his way. This was very discouraging.....he is not ready to play at this point...

Whats that MARCUS SPRIGGS saw no action...and he is not ready to let it all out yet.....this is the most glaring concern on this team right now....and somthing soon has to be done about it.

I like what I saw out of SETH Mckinney.....and I like Leonard Henry to be on the practice squad...for sure.

Does anyone see ROB KONRAD catching over 40 balls in this offense? I don't see it. I see RICKY doing it....but not ROB.

I want to see DEDRIC WARD give McKNIGHT a run for the third reciever spot.....

Roussell and ROYALS......its pretty close right now. But MARE trusts ROYALS as his holder who do you think has the edge to make the team?

The only thing that I wanted to see more of....was the RETURN GAME.... I don't think anything is etched into any depth charts from that game. Chris Chambers is definitively off the ST/s,,,,but BROCK MARION still can be back there on kickoffs...when it is all said and done. TRAVIS MINOR....from what I am hearing....has the edge right be the main KO returner....if not BROCK.

I think the offense will pick up next week....once JAY gets back in there. As seems the defense is or will be making the standout the beginning. Taking nothing away of course.....from that great throw by LUCAS to CHAMBERS today. Unfortunately....for LUCAS.....that one play saved him from getting a failing grade....he was not that sharp.

LEVCIK has the arm....but is he good enough to be on this roster as the #3 Quarterback....or do we wait for a veteran QB to get cut...on the final day?

Yes, all good stuff. My only concern with have McMichaels as our starter, and playing him a lot in the pre-season, would be wearing him down, and having him hit that rookie wall around week 11 even harder.

I didn't see anything out of Weaver today(did he play?) and I also saw nothing out of Minor, and Edwards.

I was disappointed in that respect, but I guess you can't have everyone get in on a 1 hour scrimmage.

I like Levcik, and what the hell, if we get down to our third string QB, we're screwed anyway. Might as well keep the kid on, and hope he develops into a Kurt Warner. ;)
When I saw Brent Smith let Kearse blow by him like he was a baby drooling over I wanted to just choke him. And he let it happen time and time again. Its not like it wasn't expected.

I saw Ricky get in a few blocks for Lucas...not to bad. But you could tell some of the plays were just basic and not practiced upon.

Did everyone listen to Zach Thomas afterwards? About how frustrated he was about running after a 'tackle' was made. haha You can hear it in his voice how bad he wants to hit someone. 36 more days...
I think Brock is too valuable to the secondary to be returning kicks anymore. If, God forbid, he goes down while returning a kick, who takes his place? Sure, we could side Freeman back over to FS and insert Shawn Wooden, but that is in no way the same. I say give it to Travis since he won't get much playing time any other way......
Originally posted by BMarion31
I think Brock is too valuable to the secondary to be returning kicks anymore. If, God forbid, he goes down while returning a kick, who takes his place? Sure, we could side Freeman back over to FS and insert Shawn Wooden, but that is in no way the same. I say give it to Travis since he won't get much playing time any other way......

I agree, Minor and maybe even Henry should be returning the kickoffs.
I agree on Henry Taylor. He has shown pretty good at camp to this point, and looks to be in the mix for one of the last sposts open on the DL. I like what I have seen from James Atkins, as well. Could E. Grant be on the way out?????
ooh, would i love to see that!

Originally posted by booyeah_

I agree, Minor and maybe even Henry should be returning the kickoffs.
i really liked irving spikes and minor looks like a bigger irving!:D
Back to McMicheal, I think that Jed will probably get the nod as the starter on opening day, but RM will get lots of playing time. If he does continue to progress like he has this far in camp, I think he will be a very nice contributor to Norv's plan.

I don't think Wanny will take the chance of the "rookie mistakes" right off the bat. He will probably let him "prove" his readiness, and ease him into more PT, as warranted. Just look hoe long it took CC to break into the starting lineup.

Will Wanny bring RM along the same way he did with CC, or has he perhaps learned to let a young guy have a shot a little earlier?
Originally posted by VanDolPhan
Here's a good question. Who was the #1 FB for the Saints last season and what were his stats?

Terrelle Smith. He's a bit like Deon Dyer, actually moreso ... he was a college LB'er that swithced to FB ... ... who also has a badly injured back ...

stats ...

2001 G - 14 GS-11 carries 5 yards 8 average 1.6 long 6 TD 0
rec. 4 yards 30 avg. 7.5 long 12 TD 2 fumble 1
If it weren't for Konrad's lapses in concentration I think he could make 40 catches in the offense as it stands.

Personally I know this sounds bad but I would rather see Rob Konrad going out on routes making the catches and getting nailed, rather than Ricky Williams. I'm sorry but Ricky's got to stay fresh through the season and if you give him like 400 touches he's gonna get injured its pretty much a statistical probability there. Ricky's proven already that he's excellent at stepping in front, squaring up, and picking up a blitzer, and I would rather save Ricky the hits and fumble opportunities, and let both Rob Konrad and Travis Minor shake and bake out into the flats and the secondary to get murdered by Keith Bulluck just as they catch the ball...

By the way has anyone heard about the one-handed catches Deon Dyer's been making in practices? I heard from a source I forget if it was the Sun Sentinel insider or some other article that Deon Dyer was making some good grabs. Bye bye Femi.
I was going to post teh exact thing about not wanting to wear down McMichael to much.

He has a history of having a hard time keeping his weight on and if we use him too much, he'll be tired and worn out by late season and I'd rather see him making plays in the postseason than against the Lions.
Well I think no matter what he's going to hit the rookie wall I mean that just happens. He might be able to work through it who knows. I would rather see Jed Weaver start the season, and just use McMichael a lot like we did with Chris Chambers. McMichael might have better stats but he will do it in limited action. I still think Jed Weaver is a very capable TE.
I think regaurdless of who is named the starter they both will see alot of playing time. I have a feeling the deciding factorof the battle will be who takes more strides in the run blocking. Did you guys see the play with the 2nd teamers that Mcmichael lined up as a back in the split backfeild? I think Norv is going to design many plays to get this kid involved.
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