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MERGED 8X: Lance Shulters released


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Jul 29, 2004
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MERGED 7X: Lance Shulters released

Titans | Schulters will be Released
Thu, 16 Jun 2005 12:40:27 -0700

Adam Schefter, of <A href="">, reports agent Brian Levy has confirmed the Tennessee Titans will release S Lance Schulters. The two sides tried unsuccessfully to reach a contract agreement to keep Schulters with the Titans. Levy said he did not expect his client to remain on the free agent market very long. Schulters was scheduled to make $2.75 million in base salary with a $4.2 million salary-cap charge in 2005
It would be nice to sign him. But he definetly won't come cheap and we don't have much cap room left.
He is a player of need especially with Tillman out. He might be a good pickup for our depleted secondary.
Lance Shulters released

I dont know if this has been posted yet, but according to ESPN Lance Shulters has been released by the Titans. This could be a great pick-up for the Dolphins and would give the secondary an immediate up grade. If he comes for the right money and considering their shouldnt be much competition at this point for his services, he should come in for cheap.
Cap issues....he shouldn't have any problem finding a new team
he has some left in him and at times has proven to be dominating
i would like to see him have more consistency before Miami were to ever consider him
however depeth is an issue with us this season regardless
he had a dominating season or two in SF
and his 1st year in Tennesee was amazing

but if he plays like he did in 2002-03 I'm all for him
SCall13 said:
It would be nice to sign him. But he definetly won't come cheap and we don't have much cap room left.

If we really wanted to sign him, we definitely have the cap room to do it but I just don't know if Saban (or any coach for that matter) wants to overspend on a safety not named Ed Reed.
I don't think we will sign him unless he wants a million or under which I highly doubt it.
the nice thing about bringing in Schulters that we can bring him in on a min. contract and he just might take it. He wasn't waived, he was released I believe, which put Tenn on the spot for his 2.4 mill salary this next season. If we could convince him to come here and sign a great salary cap figure (league min.) he still makes his extra money from what Tenn owes least that's the way it works in ProBasketBall.

Someone please let me know if that's the same way in the NFL?
I hope it happens but I don't think it will and I'm not sure if thats how it works
Nope that is not the way it works in the NFL. He lost his money, except for what he has been paid, so don't expect him to sign some min. contract. He will want to get paid, and I don't blame him. He only has a couple good years left in the tank.
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