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Merged: Hate to Say I Told You So/Castillo


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May 5, 2002
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Hate to Say I Told You So

Rodgers - 24

Eat me.
TPD1479 said:
Who cares....

For all the crap he took for saying it. I think he deserves to spot off. Too many people who spouting off at the mouth when they don't share crap all of their opinion or go on record like Boomer does.
LOL wow Boomer. Gotta say you called that one man. Good job.

BTW, NFL Draft Countdown is kicking both of our butts so far in my tally.
Congrats on the call Boomer , i wanted him here though. Saban should have moved up to get him. Once again the Fins on draft day let me down. Remember guys like Randy Moss, Drew brees etcc etcc that we passed on? I have a feeling well be sorry we didnt make a push for this guy.
Sorry, but I called a Rodgers big-time-fall also.

...and I still don't have my "Draft Guru" label.
Good Job, OK, who are we taking in the 2nd Boomer?

PS Washington picked Fast! Carlos Rodgers
Boomer....what QB do u see Miami picking?? Obviously we HAVE TO pick a QB in this u see Miami picking Frye/Orton/Campbell/Lefors/McPherson??? I think it will happen in the 4th round...i see Miami picking Stefan Lefors.

Think Drew Brees:cooldude:
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