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MERGED: Saban Talking About Brown on 790 Right Now


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Feb 3, 2002
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Saban Talking About Brown on 790 Right Now

SHoulda posted this earlier. So I can't post the previous comments. But he's on live.

Said "we always felt that this was our guy. He was the best fit".
Says he's an every down back. No player he can't compliment because of the versatility he has.

Said that half his defensive group were in the training room Monday morning after they faced Brown.
WOW!!!!! Saban: "Two are better than one."

Reporter Dude: "Does this put an end to the Ricky Williams thing?"

Saban: "Why would it?, Two are better than one, and you saw Ronnie Brown with another significant Runningback...and you saw a team with TWO significant runningbacks go undefeated."

OHH SHAT!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the first time we have heard this...He does want him back.....

300 yards per game rushing baby...ok Ricky....let's do it baby!!! Come back.
Saban seems pissed off that he has to talk to the media. Very combative. :lol:
That would be sick.. that backfield would be unstoppable imo.
What was he just asked??

Saban just dressed down some reporter for asking a stupid question. Hilarity ensues.
Ugh, I wish it would end the Ricky Williams speculation. Someone tell Saban to get back in the room for the second round pick.
no way let him talk its not like he talks offten and we have the board already made up all he has to do when he goes back is cross out who is gone by then.
Saban hates talking about hypotheticals....Saban did say WR was a bit of a risk though because few in the last 10 years got 1000yrs in their rookie years. Saban said Brown beat his LSU team badly. Brown is the best compliment to the others he inherited offensively. Brown is versatile, great hands, great speed and toughness and can block and pick up and blitz. brown is an every down back. can create mismatches because of his versatility. Brown was the guy he targeted all along.
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