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Miami picks #1. WHAT WOULD YOU DO??


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Feb 3, 2002
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Here's a little question for the board:


Obviously, I would try and trade down first. But no matter what happens, BRYANT MCKINNIE would be my target.
I still go with Carr or Harrington. Either could step in say in 2 or 3 years and play QB for your team for the next 15-20! That is tough to pass up.

If Miami had the #1 pick I would consider 4 players.....Carr, Harrington, Peppers, McKinnie. And in the end I would probably take the better of the two QB's.
I trade the #1 pick for Dallas' 1st/2nd rounders as they really want Jammer and that would give it to them cheaply enough that they would automatically pull the trigger and then pick S Roy Williams. doubt about it.
Save the QB pick until next year.
Carr like the Texans - possibly the only franchise QB who can throw deep
I would try to trade down for a latter first round pick and get an extra first or second pick for next year's draft to get a QB, but if that dosen't happen. I would go for Julius Peppers. Jason Taylor would be very thankful :D
I would take Julius Peppers and cut DG. Then, sign Blake with the add'l money as well as Cris Carter and a vet. DE. But, I would try and trade down first and then pick up McKinnie if he is around.
If we take McKinnie with the 1st pick, we would`nt have to worry whether any future QB is mobile or not (at least for the next 15 yrs).

Definately McKinnie!
I would take Julius Peppers also. Zach Thomas and Peppers hitting someone at the same time!!! OUCH!!
I would trade down to the fourth or sixth slot (Maybe make a trade with the Bills - Get Reuben Brown and their first pick for the overall first, or with the Cowboys - Get Larry Allen and their first pick for the overall first, or GET THIS ONE FOR A TRADE - Trade the first pick in the draft to the Vikes for Randy Moss and a third round pick in 2003). If I made the trade with the Bills or Cowboys, I would then choose one of these two guys:

Bryant McKinnie
Julius Peppers

If they were both gone, I would drop back a couple more picks and choose one of the top DTs or Roy Williams. Or I might even trade the pick for a 2003 first and second round pick, along with a third round pick in 2004 (This would give me ammo to move up in the 2003 draft to pick one of the top QBs in next year's lottery).

If I chose one of the top DTs, I would then trade DG for a couple of picks.
Some great scenarios there Blitz, but I doubt we`de get a couple picks for DG considering his bad back.
Originally posted by Capt. Dick
Some great scenarios there Blitz, but I doubt we`de get a couple picks for DG considering his bad back.
and his cap #
DTs who are potential pro bowlers are a rarity. I bet someone would give up a couple of third round picks for Gardener.

I guess we'll never know.
Wow. Lots of different responses. I had expected McKinnie in a a landslide. So far we've got:

4 McKinnie
3 Peppers
3 for either of the QBs
1 Roy Williams
(Blitz, I put you down for McKinnie....since he was the first guy you listed. Sorry to limit you like that. ;) )

Honestly, I only considered McKinnie, Peppers, and Roy Williams. It was all about "duo's".

I too imagined a Peppers/Taylor duo. I also imagined a McKinnie/Wade combo. And finally, a Marion-Freeman/Williams tag team. And as awesome as they all looked, I had to go with McKinnie simply because we have no other options at LT. We already have Gardener and Freeman or Marion at the other positions. So we'd still be in good shape there.

I never once thought about the QBs. IMO, neither one of them is superstar quality. I think Carr is like Tim Couch, but a little better. Couch went #1, but McNabb, Culpepper, and Brooks are better and came from the same draft. And Carr won't be the superstar that Mike Vick will be.
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