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Morts Picks

This statement kills any credibility his analysis might have had:

Turner is without question one of the best coordinators in the game, but he didn't exactly replace chopped liver in Chan Gailey, the new Georgia Tech coach who was a miracle worker with Jay Fiedler as his quarterback and Lamar Smith as his running back.

Gailey? A miracle worker? How was Lamar Smith a miracle last season? :yell:
So let me get this strait. If a writer doesn't glow over the Fish he is some time of moron or crackhead. The radio guy (Maddog I think), the writer in the Sun-Sentinal yesterday, the SI article, now Mort. They all pick the Dolphins as middle of the pack and they are all on crack.

Do I have that right?

And WR, Gailey did just fine with Lamar in 2000, the league just caught up with him last year.
Originally posted by RobertHoover

And WR, Gailey did just fine with Lamar in 2000, the league just caught up with him last year.

I don't dispute that LAMAR did well in 2000 (despite Gailey),because LAMAR tok the league by surprise... but Gailey's predictability, and lack of creativity allowed the league to catch up to him... I was simply pointing out that Gailey was not, by any stretch, a "miracle worker", he was plain, vanilla, predictable, and boring.
Mort's like a HO at a party, he jumps on the hot commodity at the time!! Remember how he loved the PHINS when JJ was here??? He's all aboard the SPURRIER BANDWAGON now!!! Is anyone else sick of hearing about the REDSKINS??? You would have thought they won the SUPER BOWL last year with all the freakin media attention they are getting!!!
Gailey sucked, the defense could tell before the play if it was a run or pass. He always just ran it up the middle. Mortenson is on crack, he predicted the Pats to win the division.

:monkey: Mortenson
Put it to you this way, were 11-5 the last 2 years, we have upgraded our offense, WR in Chambers, Ward Healthy, RICKY WILLIAMS and Norv Turner, and a possible new star in Randy McMichael. Our defense is still solid, top 8 at least. Bills have upgraded their passing game, but other than Moulds and Bledsoe, no other real stars. Jets Defense will suck, oline in hurt. Pats, Brady is over-rated, A.Smith has been pretty lazy since his big $$ contract, and they have nothing to gain to having a winning season, their effort won't be as high as last year. My point is these people that are predicitng the fins last, or barley making the playoffs are basing their opinions off our pre-season games, and Jay's play right after surgery. I'm not saying we are stacked, and we have a shot at 16-0 or something, we just deserve a little more credit than what we our getting credit for. PReseason doesn't mean didley sh*t!!!!!
I don't understand how anyone can think that a team that has been improved so much could be worse this year. Some people are just really ****in stupid.
Hoover is right guys. Just because Mort doesn't pick our Fins to win the division doesn't mean we have to start bashing him. It is his opinion. I do question calling us overrated and saying Gailey was a miracle worker......
Originally posted by WharfRat

How homeristic is it for Boomer to pick Cincy as the conf leader? I couldn't stand that idiot when he was on MNF.... he always acted like he was one of the "great" QBs...

I love Boomer, and he was a great QB until he was traded to the Jets. I also loved him on Monday Night Football, because he knew the game exactly how it was, being that he just retired that same year. I can understand why people didn't like him, he was arrogant, but he was also right most of the time.
Sorrry but Mort is an aszzkisser and as seen he will go with the flavor of the month..redskins ...patriots ..I personally LIKE to have these guys saying that crap .. we always prove them wrong!! At first I thought they would talk about us as a SB fave but now it seems not ..and that is FINE by me!!! I prefer it and feel it gives the VERY few players that have time to read it ,with some motivational inspiration to PROVE these armchair predictors that they dont really no sh*
He called Gailey a miracle worker, anyone who says that knows nothing about this team at all and knows nothing about football.
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