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Must get replies ASAP


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Sep 2, 2001
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Most get replies ASAP

Alright people...sign3 and FinHeaven & Co will like to offer everyone here a great t-shirt.

If some people have forgotten, sign3 was a big hit last year, as the Dolphins won (technically ;) ) the vote. Let's start this year of big!

The shirt includes a sign3 logo and the domain name. Imagine seeing a shirt, walking down the street that read "Tempt Fate!" Now, I don't know about you... but I will be just a little curious as to whats on that site. When the user comes to the site, there will be a little image that reads "tempt fate" they click... and bammo. FinHeaven & Co has a new visitor, and the Dolphins have another vote.

I can get 25 shirts for $225, which includes shipping to MY location. Simple division will tell you that costs me $9.00 per shirt. I will charge everyone here $9.00 per shirt plus S&S to your location. Basically, FinHeaven & Co isn't getting any profit off the shirt. :cool:

I am not sure if I can sell 25 shirts, but that was the lowest Manny from sign3 and I can get for mass producing. I need to be able to know if I will be able to sell at least 15 before I purchase these... so I don't lose $225 :D

Please let me know! Thanks!

I really do not need another t-shirt, but if you get 14, I'll be #15 :D
you know i'll get one AJ! in fact, instead of mailing it, how about i pick it up in december, at the raiders game i at least need a large, maybe an xl, depends on how the sizes go!
Alright... so we got three people that want these shirts. Does anybody want to be 22 more? LMAO

Seriously though, I really need to sell at least 15 because I personally wouldn't want to have 22 shirts with no home, and thus end up coughing up $198 (which I can't afford).

Anyways, if anyone else wants to purchase one of these let me know. :cool:
Oh yea... and remember, its $9.00 plus S&S. So, if it costs me $4 to send it to Gram, the total price you'll pay is $13.00... just letting everyone know.
I'll take one AJ.......

Hey 06.....see you at the Raiders game.....Miamian hooked me up with two to the Jets and two to the Raiders......I hope you can fight the urge to punch me in the

Anybody else going to these two games?
Count me for one each medium. For that price, its a gimme. Now if I can just get the ol' lady to agree to it...maybe I'll tell her its a birthday present for her. yeah, thats the ticket... :)
Alright... great, keep them coming. Meanwhile, let me keep this organized:

User Name... Size
dolfan87... L or XL?
dolphan39... ?
dolfan06... XL
inFINSible... ?
WharfRat... ?
IceStorm... M

Thanks to all that want one thus far... anyone else interested?

For the collectors out there... keep in mind that this t-shirt is a collectors item. There will only be 25 produced... imagine the mark up in a thousand years.... it will be huge. By one today! :lol:
Originally posted by Jaydog57
Any chance I could get one tye-dyed?:rocker:

No... buts its a white shirt... so you could tye-dye it when you receive it... :goof:

So... I take that as a yes... Jaydog? :D
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