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My Offensive Overview: Balance, not greatness

I think it was a very good assement. The only thing is didn't the defense score the game winning TD against Denver not CC.
NY good article.......comments:

I think you under rated Jay by one grade should be a B- based on the addition of Ricky he won't have to make the 3 and 9 plays as much as he did last year.

We have one of the best backs in the league with Ricky and with Minor having a year of experience under his belt he will be a heck of a change of pace back. My rating A-

O-Line if they stay heathy the are a C+ or B-

Agree with your FB, WR and TE analysis.

Overall I grade just one higher the QB, RB and OL.

Also agree that we will not be using the terms Unstoppable or Juggernut regarding this O. But I think they will move the ball effeciently along the D to rest. I see them scoring about 21 - 24 points a game allowing a rested D to yield only 14 - 17 a game.

Nice job!!!
Rob Konrad will be a big part of our offense this yearâ€Â… how many times have we heard that since Jimmy Johnson traded up for him in the ’99 draft?

A- is far too generous for FB. Konrad cant catch and has been a disappointment IMO. I like Dyer though. Grade: C

Also, you didn't give a coaching assesment. Bates is slow whitted, Norv we'll see, and Wanny is often too conservative. Grade: C

Since it's just an offensive overview I'd like your thoughts on Defense. I think We're well prepared to stop the Run this year. Grade: A
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Originally posted by Sherif

A- is far too generous for FB. Konrad cant catch and has been a disappointment IMO. I like Dyer though. Grade: C

Konrad caught 34 passes as a rookie. You can't blame him for Chan's schemes that don't even realize a FB is on the field.
Here's another piece of offensive information---the assessment of our OL by The Sporting News.


For all of the improvements the Dolphins have made this offseason, the key to their season is how effective their interior offensive linemen will be in the running game.

Injuries and inconsistency hurt the group last year, and the team is banking on a return to form by starting left guard Mark Dixon and center Tim Ruddy.

The right guard position is a battle between Todd Perry, who started every game a year ago, and Leon Searcy. Perry did not have a good first season with the Dolphins. He made too many mental mistakes and could not overpower his counterparts. Searcy hasn't played in two years because of injuries, but he is pushing Perry and could wind up the starter. He is healthy and the time away has refreshed the rest of his body. He's been a tackle for his entire career, but he has not had a difficult time moving inside.

The Dolphins tried to replace Ruddy first with Olin Kreutz, then drafted Seth McKinney in the third round of the draft. Ruddy was slowed by leg injuries all last season, weakening his base. He had a Pro Bowl season in 2000 and he needs to regain his stature. A very smart player, Ruddy relies more on the technical than physical, but he is stronger than people think. McKinney is the starter of the future, but he could find his way into the guard mix because of his athletic ability.

Dixon is the key. His athleticism helps him get a slap at tackles before they can make a move, and he is stronger than opponents think. He is coming off a fractured ankle, so he will have to be monitored. If he is all right, then he can be a Pro Bowler. There's a chance he could move to left tackle if Brent Smith and Marcus Spriggs don't pan out.

More in article.
Pretty good article, but I want to know what you meant by this:

I have been critical of Williams’ off-the-field antics, notably a “social anxiety disorderâ€Â

Where and in what way did you criticize Ricky?
I was critical of Williams...

... before the trade was made. In fact, I was rooting for the team to forget about him. These criticisms had very little to do with Ricky's on-field performance and everything to do with his off-field antics. The Saints locker room was a circus last year and Ricky Williams was the bearded lady. If Williams doesn't do a complete 180 in terms of attitude, this trade will be a bust no matter how well he performs because we will be building our team around a cancer.

So far, he has done everything right in Miami. Good for him, and I hope he keeps it up.
Cancer?? No way. Never has been nor will he ever be. IMO, a "cancer" is someone who, among other things, is vocal and disrespects his teammates and/or coaches. Puts himself before the team. An "ASSHOLE".

Ricky is none of those things. He is/was is a slightly immature 24-year old kid who was under an enormous amount of pressure. An extremely shy kid who doesn't like the media attention and doesn't like his privacy invaded. That makes him different from most people.

I'm not worried in the least. Ricky is a beast on the field. He's not under the same scrutiny as he was in NO. He'll never be booed here. And he can go out in public and not be as noticed as he was previously. Miami is a great place for Ricky Williams.
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BTW, Nice job. Just don't agree on Todd Perry. 1-out of-53 ain't bad, though. ;)
Originally posted by Muck
He'll never be booed here.

You gotta be kidding me...I mean, even Shula and Marino were booed at times during their final days with us.
I thought you did a nice job cat! I would say your in the ball park. Most other assessments would say pretty much the same thing. You got me thinking about Fiedler. I don't know how many offensive coordinators he has had, but imagine his consistancy if he had the same one for a few years. I bet he could take things to a new level, just like us after we have been at a job for a year or two.

:) :cool: :)
Fiedler is learning his 8th offense in 9 years. Tough for a guy to gain semblance of continuity that way.

And it will change again soon. If we win the Super Bowl, Turner will bolt. If not, he'll probably leave after 2003.
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