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My Take on This Afternoons Practice


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Apr 3, 2002
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Well, I made it to this afternoons practice very late but sort of right on time, just as I sat down the whistle blew for the team drill to start! Lucky me! Not so lucky me had a long lengthy report all written up, and was nearly finished when I hit something that ERASED the whole darn thing!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!#$$$

Anyway lets start out with the Qb's:

Ray "the Cannon" Lucas started out terrible, but got going after about the second series. I'll say this about Lucas, he showed me that he is doing his homework. He looks like he knows the offense much much better within a months time! Yeah, he has a hell of an arm, which you would think would be such an advantage, right? But when the only Wr's that can catch his short too intermediate stuff, are Orande and Chambers, it makes me think it's a disadvantage sometimes! You'd think he might want to learn some touch on his throws. Overall today I'd say he did OK, nothing spectacular, but nothing bad!

Zac Kustok is ahead of Levcik at this time on the depth chart, but I really think the reason for this is because he is grabbing hold of the playbook a little faster. He got in a lot more reps than Levcik. I think his arm is a little weaker than we would like but he has the smarts, and is not afraid to tuck it in and run. He threw a decent long pass to Baker, one for a Td, but it was very high, and not that long, traveling about 45 yards in air. It could not have been intercepted because the defender was badly beaten, but had a safety been in the area, well maybe so! Nice pass though, got to give credit when due! He has a nice touch on short too intermediate stuff, and uses the pocket fairly well.

Tim "Lanky" Levcik may be down on the depth chart right now, but I'm telling you this guy has a GUN! One play had him take a 5 step drop, he faked to the right side while he stumbled over Norv Turner, stepped up under a little pressure and EFFORTLESSLY launched a 50-55 yard strike downfield to a wide open Robert Baker, hitting him right in stride! What a beautiful sight that was, that is until it reach Baker, who DROPPED IT! Now don't get me wrong, I know this kid needs some work but man with an arm like this I just don't see him being behind for long. He really has some pocket presence, but needs to work them mechanics in his sleep if he has too! Oh and he could use to eat a little more :) Being 6'6" and that skinny makes me think one good pop and he is done for a while!

Lets move on to the Wr's:

Chris Chamber was open quite a few times today but was only thrown too once, a long ball by Lucas who overthrew a wide open Chambers, which would have been a Td. The ball was about 4 yards overthrown or I truly believe CC might have tried to dive for it!

Orande had the best day out of the bunch, leaping, or should I say snatching the ball out of the air on one pass that Lucas threw. The pass was overthrown a little only because it was the only place to put it! Madison was alllllllllll over him! Another rec. had Orande come all the way across the field as the third option, and on a perfect pass, just over the defender, he hauled it in right at the sidelines! But we all know that this kind of stuff is just that, it's Orande Gadsden! I had him with 5 rec. on the day, I think.

Dedric Ward is next up, I'll say this, he is working his butt off to move up on the depth chart, and he has on MINE! He was all over the place this afternoon, now he only caught two or three balls but was blocking for the run, you know getting up there and doing some dirty work!

Well, well well, now we go to Mc (whatshisname?)....... DROPPSIE!!! That's right, you herd it correct, he dropped another one right in his hands!!!! Why would I have Ward at number three you ask? Well, to me it is simple, because James McKnight, while fast, and pretty good on his routes, just plain and simple DROPS WAY TOO MANY!!! He had Sam Madison Beaten badly and it was either Lucas, or I believe LEVCIK, threw it right too him, low and behold the ball found it's way to the GRASS! Um right about this time there were some names being called up in the stands. The one I used was Go Get'm McDROPSIE! It got loud enough to have Wanny look up into the crowd like he was thinking please guys, don't kill his confidence anymore. I'll tell you this though, if he makes a couple of drops like this in preseason games I'd have to think they might entertain letting his butt hit the road! I only say this because of the money he makes this year, here we have a guy making a million+ a year and he could end up a # three? I don't think so. My analysis is probably WAY OFF here because I don't think there is no way the coaches let him slip to number three on the depth chart. That would make for some nasty stuff written about their original signing of him now wouldn't it?

Robert Baker is his usual self, all over the place, trying to show the coaches he deserves a real hard look this year! He may have dropped that one pass but kind of made up for it later on, catching a real nice ball off the dirt.

Ogden did not get too many throws today, but he took advantage of what he had, snagging one off the dirt as well, and another on a long post pattern.

Sam Simmons was quiet most of the practice until near the end when he leaped way up and grabbed one out of the air. He might have had some fans in the audience, or I might have missed saying it was very good, but in fact might have been spectacular, by the angle I was sitting who knows. He drew a fairly loud roar on that play!

That 5th spot is pretty much a lock to be between these last three players! How will it be determined? My guess is thru ST's play, and I think, while he may be behind now, Simmons will move even, or maybe ahead when the team starts really working on them.

Robert Konrad caught every catchable ball thrown his way, and he is keeping his arms in, not just trying to get it with his hands. Sort of letting it touch his hands, while letting his body absorb it! Sounds funny but I had to explain it somehow, it looked so smooth. Again I've written about Konrad like this for going on three Training Camps now, how he catches nearly everything in sight. But here we go again. If he keeps this up he ain't going nowhere no time soon. Dyer had one rec. and Femi had another, but no way not IMO do they keep three FB's!! Not unless they need a ST's player that bad, which would mean they cut a down on the number of Lb's they keep! Back-up Lb's on this team have been the most used on ST's while slightly not being worthy of being you never know! I just don't see keeping a 3rd FB 3 Rb's, and possibly 4!! This position has me baffled for now!

On to the Offensive Line:

Todd Perry had the best day out of all O-lineman! He was all over the place, like a man on a mission maybe? On one play I thought he may have lined up at LG because he was the farthest lineman out blocking the left side (but he was the Rg), I know he pulled but he got there quick and made a real pancake block on JT, springing the Rb for a nice gainer! One thing of note on Perry is that I saw him receiving quite a lot of high five's from the Rb's today. Nice job on day one, many more days to come. The pressure is on! Perry did work the first team today, but Searcy got in some work with them as well.

Speaking of Searcy, today was not his day, at least not in the afternoon! He got pushed around quite a few times, and looked RUSTY to the HITTING! Plus on one play I saw him noticeably limping, only to find out on the way home that he indeed pulled his GROIN slightly! I'm giving him a SMALL pass today because it happened early and may have been bothering him too much on the field!

Also I noticed Mark Dixon limping after the first series, now his limp might be more natural from injury last year, but I know it either bothered him or he was just nervous about something, because he went right to a trainer, and had him work it for a little bit. He never missed a down today though, and played pretty darn well, I just wish he would change those catch me $$$$ me shorts he wears!!! He wears some short shorts that are V cut up the outsides!!! I know he is getting ribbed by someone on the team!!

Anthony Cesario got in plenty of time at RT, man this guy is really versatile, he can play both Guard spots, and RT, some Center too! Dang does anyone know if he played any LT? Anyway he did pretty OK against the second teamers!

Jamie Nails was getting some real good push on the running plays, but I saw the exact opposite while pass blocking, winding up on his keester twice. But man give this guy someone too steamroll, and get behind his wide body, I see 4 yards a pop easy!!!!!

Troy Andrew was another guy catching my eye, playing and sharing time backing up Dixon at LG, he probably had the better practice, not getting beat bad in pass protection, and performing admirably run blocking!

Marcus Spriggs did some good things. I watched him knock Wally on his butt twice in a row, and did a 50- 50 job against JT. We can all get a much better clue when Brent Smith starts practicing, which should be in a day or two.

Seth McKinney worked right into the lineup, backing up Ruddy. What I like about him is his hand speed, he gets right into the DT's shoulders, and face :). He did OK blocking for the run, got pushed back a little against the pass. But I like his mechanics, he just needs to see some of our better competition, and we may have our foundation at center for Ruddy's soon departure (next year)! He will definitely get some looks at LG I'm betting!

OK there is little to report on the Rb's for the afternoon sessions, because they do the middle drills solely in the morning, for the first ten or so days, with exceptions being night practices such as Tom. night

But from what there was to see, I'm really excited with this crew!!! Ricky Williams is not a hole hitter, he is a hole maker, if need be! And he caught every ball thrown his way! No drops, nice touch, and smooth turns up field!

Robert Edward's made a few real nice runs this afternoon, one being a LONG ONE, with a real nice block made by McMichael! Yep, you herd it..... Mcnotsupposedtobeablocker!

Travis Minor also had a nice practice, catching balls, and running with that burst, heck he looks good, and I've been a critic of him in the past. I hope he keeps it up.

Leonard Henry, well he is HARD to bring down I'll tell you that!! He only broke away on one run, and was constantly getting hit at the line, but he took two three and four hits, never wanting to concede ground! And usually he did not go down, the whistle stopped the play. On the one play he did get past, he had gotten hit one behind the line and left the DE on his BUTT with a little bit of his Jersey as a memory!

Well there is an offensive report from me. I hope I do not bore you guys to sleep with it, but I really, I could have gone on! I'm just tired and frustrated that I lost so much of the first report due to dumbness!

Seriously, hope you enjoy the reading, my defensive report tom. morning
Thanks Ozzy.....that was the way all reprts should be....that was friggin excellent!
Thanks for the report OZ. Interesting news about OG crossing the field. It's been a while since the Fins used the middle of the feild in the passing game.
Nice report Oz. But I think it might conflict with other reports that had Searcy lookin good or something.

Tim Levcik sounds like the reincarnation of Brad Johnson except with maybe a stronger arm and not so much on the accuracy. BJ's the most awkward lanky guy to watch under center. But he gets the ball off somehow and it usually is on target.
Great Report Ozzy like always.........

Henry sounds to me like a game breaker....He is hard to bring down and has the speed to break the game pen with a long run..Can't wait to see this kid in a preseason game..:)
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Great post Ozzy....

Here is my two cents worth....

The OL looked very unorganized IMO yesterday. They also looked very weak at opening any holes for R. Williams to run through...

I'm not at all impressd with the way M. Dixon, or T. Ruddy have looked recently. They both looke tired, and out of shape....

QB R. Lucas had zero time to throw yesterday, and struggled because of it. The addition of L. Searcy may not be working out quite as well as most of us had hoped. He's old, and hasn't played at full speed in two years....

You raved (sort of) about the play of OG T. Perry, but I saw very little to back that statement up. I don't think the guy is looking any better than he did last year....We'll see, and I hope your right about him playing with more intensity, but I just haven't seen it yet.

The whole OL needs tons of work IMO. Not one single starter on the OL stood out yesterday IMO. They all looked bad....

OL coach T. Wise needs to get these guys better prepared. For aprox 20 minutes prior to the closing drills, while the other position coaches had their guys working on drills, he had our entire OL standing over on the other side of the field doing practically nothing.

I was not impressed with his methods of preparation for the closing drills.....and it showed. The runnning game was totally shut down as a result....averaging about 2yrds a carry.

R. Lucas looked terrible yesterday. Why does he always look good one day, and the next, end up looking like R. Leaf???

All in all, I was not impressed with the way things went yesterday. The OL especially.....

Some good news is that the DL looked solid, and J. Fiedler was throwing some solo passes....

Thats kind of strange because the reporters at the Sun Sentinel I think is the paper say that in the infamous Middle Drill, where any gain from the line of scrimmage is a huge accomplishment, the offense gained 3 or more yards on 10 of the 12 plays that constituted the middle drill. Ricky Williams gained 4 and 5 yards on his two carries.

I think thats pretty impressive considering the Middle Drill is a drill where you line up the offense against the defense and everyone knows that you're running the ball on every single play, and you're supposed to gain yards anyway. I know Ernest Grant shot out to get a -1 yard gain on one of the TWO plays we didn't gain 3 or more yards, but unless the other of the two plays was like -10 yards or something, it sounds like we averaged at the very least about 3 yards a carry in the middle drill. Thats probably 2 yards more than we averaged in camp last year.

But this is why I like to see as many TC reports as I can because everyone brings their own lenses to the game. The papers have said multiple times that the offense looked ahead of the defense on Monday, and Ozzy says that Todd Perry looked great while Searcy didn't, while others have said that Searcy has looked unbelievable out there like back in his pro bowl days, and now Blitzkrieg says the OL looked crappy and the D looked better than the O (weren't running the ball, OL was bad, Lucas was sucking out there...there's not much room to say that the O was looking good according to Blitzkrieg)
Thanks Blitz, I appreciate your insight. Why should the OL be good. Who isn't hurt or hasn't been hurt. I place this solely on Wanny's shoulder. He failed to get talent in here on the OL. Dixon Hurt, B. Smith, Hurt. Spriggs Hurt. Ruddy hurt and Surgery. Wade and Perry are the only Two OL men that aren't hurt. Wanny promised this would be a great unit and as usual he's blind to the fact. We were all screaming for an Olman and he picked a center.
It WAS only the first day of hitting....I mean...I think its safe to give them a tiny bit of a break until they get back in a rhythm. And remember they don't even know what their own lineup will look like so they shouldn't be looking too comfortable.

But like Wanny says, a week from now he's gonna sit down and say "who's the best 5 guys we have" and then shift them around to see if he can get those 5 guys on the field. I think the change could only help as compared to what the guys did last year when they got too comfortable.
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