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Dec 12, 2001
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Albany, NY
I am bored and their hasn't been a Feidler topic in awhile so here goes. I am pro Jay as of right now, as it apears many are. That being said what does Jay need to do to keep everyone happy. For me I would need the following:

Note no excuses like injuries, new scheme, or anything else could take preasure off him to do the following.

1. He has throw no more than 12 ints. There is no reason in our offense his ints should excede this number. It his 3rd year starting, and he has been in the NFL long enough to stop making the stupid mistakes.

2. His TD number has to be atleast 10 more than his int number. With CC, Gadsen, RW, Mcknight, and Ward he will have moe than enough option once inside the 20. The last couple years OG was our main guy in the red zone, that will not be his only option this year,so the feild should open up dramitcily for him.

3. Win lose or Draw I would like to see some solid perfomances against good teams. Granted he wasn't the only one, but against the playoff caliber teams he was invisable last year.

4. If our big guns stay healthy he has to lead this team to a win against the Jets, and a solid win in the playoffs. Don't say he already did the latter against the Colts, because he was the only reason we were losing that game.

If he doesn't do these 4 or Miami wins a SB then it is time to start looking for another QB. I really see this as his make or break season. I am pulling for him, and I honestly think he can, but if he doesn't then I will hope with all I have that he is gone.
I'd be happy with a +/- TD ratio of at least 8. But 10 would be better. 60% completion rate is good for me. 3000 yards. And you know Jay is good for a few yards and TDs on the ground.

Here's what I think would be enough to earn a first round bye (barring injuries):

240/400 (60%)...3000 yds...22 TDs...14 INTs = 87.1 QB rating

12 INTs or 24 TDs (reaching +/-10) would probably earn us another win and get him into the Pro Bowl. I think 25 attempts per game is what we're shooting for. And I'm not even factoring in what Jay's legs will bring. I really don't know what to expect in this new offense. But Jay will probably reach 200 yds and 2-3 TDs on the ground.
I think the 12 INT's is asking a little much of any QB in this league- especially when you consider the talent of the secondaries in the AFC East. On that not, I will go with Muck in believing that +8 on the TD to INT rate would be excellent. If he does that, and everything else falls into place, there should be no excuses: this team would belong in the big show. I guess it's wait and see time now.

BTW Muck, I love your animation. I laughed my butt off when I first saw it. :lol:
hehehehe..... Just spanking a that Buffalo ass. :p

I think 12 INTs is really tough. Gannon was amazing last year (27 TDs, 9 INTs in 549 attempts). Garcia was too (32 TDs, 12 INTs in 504 attempts). But playing in the WCO surely helps. Warner's '99 season was just phenomenal (41 TDs, 13 INTs in 499 attempts....super aggressive offense).

Jay won't be playing in that WCO. He'll be playing in Norv's more intermediate/down-the-field scheme. So it's gonna be tough. But I think 22 and 14 would be very nice if Ricky is doing his thing.

Look at Kordell last year. Look what he did to make the AFC Championsip and Pro Bowl:

266/442 (60.2%)....3109 yds...14 TDs...11 INTs (81.7 QB rating)

Not overly impressive to say the least. But Kordell made plays in big games. And he made tons of plays with his feet (537 yds, 7 TDs). Most importantly, he didn't turn the ball over. The Steelers rode their defense and running game all year long. But when the running game failed, he was there. In a nutshell, he was a playmaker and a leader who had a running game. This is what the Dolphins want Jay Fiedler to be and have.
Jay needs to stop throwing the Line of Scrimmage picks! I hate to see the ball being picked off before the intended receiver has a chance to make a play on it! He needs to slow down and go through all of his progressions before letting go! One other thing I want to see is Jay getting dirty in the run game, throw a block on a broken play, ala Brett Favre! He could also tuck it more, if his options arent open, move around the pressure, and take off if need be, a couple of those sacks were just holding on to the ball for to long! No more excuses, its his 3rd year as "The Man", its time to look like an NFL quarterback!
I like your case Dajesus...

...and I hope he achieves the mark.

But as for him being gone next season if he fails, I don't see us making a significant upgrade at QB in FA and the cap is likely to prevent a suitable trade. So I see him doing the second year of his contract at least. A drafted QB would have to be something special (like Dan) to pick it up in his rookie year (though we expect some quality in the draft) but we might not get a high enough pick to get the cream of the crop.

Therefore, go Jay! Go Fins!
Not all of his INTs were his fault...I even remember Dan getting INTs where his reciever mis-played the ball or it bounced of his pads or through the WRs hands...Jay is NOT in a make or break it year, unles he is just HORRIBLE, which I just don't see him being.

Jay is a solid serviceable QB with pro bowl promise. Our mean area of concern should NOT be should be the O-line...:rolleyes:
I don't think it's wise for Jay to "get dirty in the run game". Do you really want your QB to be blocking on run plays?? That said, Jay does not hesitate get after it on broken plays. I remember him taking on a charging defensive lineman on a broken play during the Colts game. He was promptly sent flying backwards to his back.
Not every play, just the ones where a chip on the defender springs the back for a good gain! Naw, I dont want him taking unneccesary punishment, just want to see a sense of urgency, that little extra effort!
Let me get you started on some thoughts. Lets start with the Chargers offensive ranking in 2000. Then the Chargers offensive ranking in 2001. Then go through and locate all the years that Turner's offense has been top 11 in the league. Then look at the # of Qb's who were ProBowlers while he was there and then look at how many ProBowls they have been to when he wasn't. Heck there are some people out there who thought Tampa should have gone with Norv all along. In his 4 years in Wahsington he had (5) 1000 yard wrs and (4) 1000 yard rbs. He was also the coach when Brad Johnson had a 4005 yard season. He like to to pound the ball down your throat, but at the same time run a wide open offense. Look at Troy's, Irvin's, Emmit's number while under Norv. He does a great job of using the talent he has, and catching the d off guard. Norv would love to run the ball all day long until the D stops the run; but unlike Chan Gailey, Norv actually has a sophisticated set of formations to help open up the passing game to more than just the WRs.

Statistically Norv will add 5-8 more completions per game than what we had under Chan Gailey. Most of those additional receptions will go to the RB and TE which means sustained drives and more points. Re-introducing the TE into the offensive gameplan and getting the ball into Ricky Williams' hands more should give us a more respectable passing game. The top WR will get 70 plus receptions. If Norv calls Chambers # 70+ times, the Phins passing game will be flat out dangerous. Let it be.

Well... how about this statistic?? Miami was 29th is the league in pass attempts last year with only 453 attempts. Dead last in the AFC at 16th. San Diego had 548 attempts for 11th in the NFL and 5th in the AFC. Thats nearly 100 more attempts, or 6.25 attempts per game. Like someone said... most of those are going to a TE or RB, but that is exactly what is needed to keep an opposing Defense off balance. Last year Chan Gailey had the most predeictable attack in the NFL last year. It was either a run straight up the gut or a pass to one of our starting WR's. Pretty easy to defend from a defensive standpoint. That will change this year. Defenses will be spread out more because of the variety of passes they will be seeing. They will have to look out for passes going to more than just our top WR's, and because of this it will open up the running game more. is that he actually wants the QB to throw his TE and RBs! Other than an occasional screen to Lamar Smith, Chan had no interest in doing that. IMO, Williams, Weaver, and Konrad could combine for 130 catches.

Norv Turner isn't dictated to in games, he dictates. This is the primary difference between Norv Turner and Chan Gailey. Chan Gailey's offense was, as you describe it, an offense that takes what the defense is giving us. It depends a lot on where the game is going. If the defense is stacking the box, we'll hit the air. If they are not, we still liked our chances of being able to pound Lamar Smith. It wasn't a BAD offense. It was a BAD running game, BAD OL, and BAD RB. Thats not Chan's fault, it was a personnel problem. Norv is different. His offense is not based on the life of the game, its based on WHAT THE TEAM DOES BEST. I've witnessed it plenty of times in Washington. He keeps the other team off balance by dictating to THEM what to do, and he does it amazingly enough with repetition. The truth of the matter is, and I know probably NOBODY has brought this up before, and for good downright homeristic reasons too, but Norv Turner's offense resembles pretty heavily Kippy Brown's offense. Yes, thats right, Kippy Brown. The problem with Kippy was he was a poor man's Norv Turner. He didn't use enough of the shifts, never got a feel for what plays his team had down and what plays they couldn't run, an he was absolutely HORRIBLE at playcalling during a game. Well Norv, is good at all of those things, but his offensive philosophy is basically the same just with those added skills. Remember that if it could be said that Jimmy Johnson had an offensive philosophy, it would be that you would be able to run the ball even when a team knew you were going to run it, but you just smacked them in the jowls and mowed them down anyway...and this offensive philosophy DERIVED FROM NORV TURNER'S SYSTEM IN DALLAS. Like I said he dictates to defenses, doesn't let defenses dictate to the offense. I think its riskier than taking what a defense gives, like Chan did, because if you try and dictate to the other team and yet your team is still poor at execution, you're not gonna be able to do it (see Kippy-ball). If I had to give Norv Turner's offense a style I would say a pro-set style with two backs, using the TE as a middle threat, running the ball up the gut an bouncing outside, with not too many spread formations, and WRs who have mostly intermediate and long routes not too many short routes. Also, he dictates to an offense, utilizing shifts when necessary to find out what a defense is doing, and above all he executes the plays which he is most comfortable that our team knows how to execute and execute well, rather than just calling the perfect play for the occasion despite not knowing if the team can execute it.
Match this along with our DEFENSE we are unbeatable.


Here's a post from mercury that also factors in:

The running game is the bottom line. If the Dolphins running game can get 7-8 yards on 1st and 2nd down consistently, that puts the offense in 3rd and 3 and 2. That allows the offense to remain in the Pro Set and have the use of the complete playbook. You can run again, run Minor on a draw or counter, throw short hooks to the WR's, quick outs to the TE ala Novacek or to the HB's and FB's.

The Cowboys used to control the ball and clock, eat up 1st downs and set up big plays. They scored points and beat up opposing defenses. Their defense was always rested and playing at full speed.

The Dolphins finding the right combination of OL and getting RW going is the key to their season. This is the difference in 11-5 and a 1st or 2nd round exit and being an elite team contending for a chamionship.

It's late in the 4th qtr and your offense has to go 80 yards for the winning score. Do they get the job done running the football and keeping their passing game open, or do they become one-dimensional and put too much pressure on the passing game? That's where championships are won. You have to make teams respect your running game.

If the following hold true, who in the world will be able to beat us with our DEFENSE.
A little extra Effort ? Umm. Try this one: He was the best rated QB in the 4th Quarter Last Year, and Five 4th Quarter Comebacks. I mean what else does he have to do ?
Originally posted by CRAZYDOLFAN305
A little extra Effort ? Umm. Try this one: He was the best rated QB in the 4th Quarter Last Year, and Five 4th Quarter Comebacks. I mean what else does he have to do ?

Increase consistency and cut down on his int %.

Anyways Dejesus is pretty much asking for miracles that basically proves once again that Miami fans are spoiled rotten and will never accept a QB here unless he goes to the Pro Bowl every year.

Why should we accept 12 INT's or less when Marino only ever did that ONCE in a 16 game season in his entire career?? As long as Jay has a +8 ratio he's improved and that's all we can ask is that he keeps improving.

CrazyDolfan knock it off with the post copying. Did you not read the post on copyright protection??
"One other thing I want to see is Jay getting dirty in the run game, throw a block on a broken play, ala Brett Favre!"

Heh, you did you watch the Preseason game against the Packers last year?

Jay LAID out a linebacker. That play made me like Jay as much as I do. I love that stuff from Quarterbacks. I'm damn happy we have one of the toughest in the game in Jay Fiedler.
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