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Next year draft projection.


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May 18, 2004
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Now I'am sure nick is a draft genius and I know that next year draft will be more stronger because we will have more draft pick, but I'am an european fan and I don't know very much college football, so if you could post me the 10 best players position by position who will be eligible next year that would be nice.

thanks ;)
I think you might wanna wait about 8 more months before asking that question. Players jump ALL the time. Perfect example is Alex Smith. Last year, there isnt a single person in america who is not on crack that said he would be the top pick in the draft. Your about 8 months early my man.
you are right, but it's just for my information and for looking for news about this players.

just for fun only, could you help me ?

please post a list or a link, I know only the nfl draft blitz site, but a premium is a best.
As of right now there is 3 QB's i would be glad to have next year.

Matt Lienhart
Vince Young
Chris Leak
heres my 2006 top 10 so far k

1. D'brickashaw Ferguson OT Virginia - Big offensive lineman who is faster than maurice clarrett in every way possible...His skills arent as well polished as that of a Jon Scott...but he has the intangibles to be one of the best tackles ever.
2. Mathias Kiwanaku DE Boston College - He almost came out for this draft and probobly would of been the 1st or 2nd DE taken after the top 10 slot but now he has a shot to make a top 5 pick.
3. Eric Winston OT Miami - Injured last year and if he came out someone would of took him in the 2nd round cause of the he has a chance again to show hes a top 10 pick and he could be just that.
4. Jon Scott OT Texas - Another amazing tackle prospect...He could be the 2nd or 3rd tackle taken in this up and coming draft depending on how his season is.
5. Matt Leinart QB USC - guys probobly gonna win 3rd national title and 2nd heisman...and that would make him a lock as the best college player ever!
6. Reggie Bush RB USC - after one amazing season and heisman recognitions hes gonna be a good prospect to look at this year and i think its almost a given hes coming out cause after this season USC probobly aint even gonna be a top 10 team anymore.
7. Rodrique Wright DT Texas -
8. Marcus Mcneill OT Auburn - I think it was a mistake to stay his last year and his production will be a dropoff...He has amazing size at 6''9 320 lbs...and he can move really well for his size, he should be a top 10 pick but still hes the 4th best tackle on my board right now.
9. DeAngelo Williams RB Memphis - amazing runningback with all the things you look for...but what reggie bush did last year and the fact hes probobly gonna come out hurts williams stock real bad, should still be a top 15 pick next year.
10. Andrew Whitworth OT LSU - 5 tackles in the top 10 overall picks...could of probobly came out this year and been the first tackle taken...Best draft ever for tackles!

take note these arent in order they will be taken just best available...also this may change cause of players staying for senior seasons
WvFinFan said:
As of right now there is 3 QB's i would be glad to have next year.

Matt Lienhart
Vince Young
Chris Leak

Actually heres how i rank the qbs

2006 Draft already?
i figure one of the best tight ends available next year will be Matt Herian from nebraska, and i think eric winston from miami will be one of the better tackles to come out next year but i'd be hesitant to take anyone from miami because they're all so damn dumb
mjwenz said:
2006 Draft already?

Barely got off this years draft and we are already making our projections for next year :D

I believe we will probably get a middle round pick.
Draftdays top 3 by position:

1. Matt Leinart,USC
2. Charlie Whitehurst, Clemson
3. Brad Smith, Missouri

Running backs
1. DeAngelo Williams, Memphis
2. Leon Washington, Florida State
3. Gerald Riggs Jr., Tennessee

Wide receivers
1. Derek Hagan, Arizona State
2. Jason Avant, Michigan
3. Martin Nance, Miami (Ohio)

Tight ends
1. Tim Day, Oregon
2. Matt Herrian, Nebraska
3. Domonique Byrd, USC

1. Davin Joseph, Oklahoma
2. Donovan Raiola, Wisconsin
3. Max-Jean Giles, Georgia

Offensive tackles
1. D’Brickashaw Ferguson, Virginia
2. Eric Winston, Miami (Fl.)
3. Jonathan Scott, Texas

Defensive ends
1. Mathias Kiwanuka, Boston College
2. Parys Haralson, Tennessee
3. Manny Lawson, N.C. State

Defensive tackles
1. Rodrique Wright, Texas
2. Claude Wroten, LSU
3. Orien Harris, Miami (Fl.)

1. Ahmad Brooks, Virginia
2. Chad Greenway, Iowa
3. A.J. Hawk, Ohio State

1. Will Blackmon, Boston College
2. Kelly Jennings, Miami (Fl.)
3. Jimmy Williams, Virginia Tech

1. Jason Allen, Tennessee
2. Michael Huff, Texas
3. Daniel Bullocks, Nebraska
Charlie Whitehurst is nice but I can't see how any of the QB's except for Lienart, could be ranked ahead of Omar Jacobs. If this guy was in the SEC he would have gotten hiesman pub. last year..
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