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NFL players we LOVE to HATE

Capt. Dick

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Feb 23, 2002
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Since there isn`t much happening in the NFL right now, here`s another fun but meaningless survey. :D Three that come to my mind...............

1. Shanon Sharpe (DUH!)

2. John Elway...........Didn`t like his remarks about DAN after the 84 season.

3. Joe Thiesman...........WELL..............just because!
How can nobody come up with ROMOdirt? I hate Romanowski with a passion! Gets pepped up on drugs all the time and spits in peoples faces and always gives cheapshots.

How can somebody be hated less? And now to make matters worse he is a RAIDER!!!!!!

I don't know how the press can rag on Randy Moss all the time and just ignore romodirt. Double standard!!!!!
Thurman Thomas....Watching Buffalo run the same screen play over and over and over again in the 92 AFC title game and we couldn't figure out how to stop it. Well thank god Tom Olividadi is nowhere in the NFL anymore.
Ray Lewis
Randy Moss...and Chris Carter
and every single Jets player except Curtis Martin.
Well I hate pretty much any player in our division. Other hated players other than the obvious I have already stated above:

Wayne Chrebet, Vinny, Tom Tupa, Bruce Smith, Reuben Brown, Jay Reimersma, Doug Flutie, Troy Brown
Seems like a lot of people seem to dislike the opionated players of the league, the players that say what's on their mind and don't give the media the same ol boring clichés. Imagine sports without these players!?!? Obviously I'd still love the game, but they make it a lot more interesting. I love players that speak their mind and talk some trash.
I like it when a player is honest, but I don't like to hear when a player says that he plays only when he wants to.
I know this is going to draw some ridicule, but what if Randy Moss wants to play a lot? His production speaks louder than words. Last season was said to be a down year for him, how many WRs in the NFL would love for their BEST years to be equal to a Randy Moss "down year"?

It was obviously a stupid thing to say, but he is not the only player that doggs it every now and then.

Randy Moss is definately a different guy, says what he wants, and is not only right. I think he just said that to piss everybody off. Do I have any proof for this? of course not, just an opinion. I htink Randy Moss is great, still immature, but great player.
In no particular order.........

1. Shannon Sharpe

2. Kurt Warner

3. Ricky Watters

The list goes on.........

Bryan Cox
Jerry Rice
Most of the Raiders
CARWELL GARDNER. Buffalo's backup RB in the 90s. That guy was an azzhole to the Phins. He talked trash and played dirty against us. I loved to hate him.

WARREN SAPP - I hate the Bucs cuz their trash talkers. And Sapp has the biggest trash-talking mouth.

How about that ****y little kicker from the Bucs?(can't remember his name)
***Shannon Sharpe
***Whoever made up that stupid J-E-T-S cheer.

Hey Capt. ,what was it Elway said?Refresh my memory so I can hate him too.
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