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Nice Draft Fellas. Congrats.


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Mar 3, 2005
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I hate you all with a passion, let that be known.

But you added some solid talent, not necessarily positions of immediat need but BPA's a go-go.

Can you tell me anything about the players out the U we got. :

Parrish and Everett?
Parrish is short, but fast... Solid punt returner.. A Poor Man's Santana Moss. Dont know much about Everett but you normally cant go wrong with UM TEs.

BTW, thanks for the Props..
Parrish will be a great slot WR and potentially a #1 but you guys have no need for that BC u have Evans, Everett is a bit inconsistent with his hands but makes big plays in big games.
Parrish I thought was a small reach, but he'll help you guys. Everett is raw but talented.
everett i feel could be a stud - hated seeing you guys get him
Everett: Is an excellent natural athlete...Has very good speed and quickness...Good size and a big frame...Adjusts to the ball well and has good body control...Has good hands...Has the potential to develop into the type of dynamic playmaker the pros covet at his position...Has a ton of upside.

Parish: Quick and very fast...An excellent punt returner...Very tough and plays bigger than he is...A threat to score every time he touches the ball...Shifty and very hard to tackle...Is a reliable target.
Parrish needs to polish his routes (a lot), but he's a hell of a KR/deep threat.
Parrish, to me, is a poor man's Dante Hall. Should do wonders on ST but not much as a WR. Everett should become a threat as a recieving TE.
MelbournePhin said:
everett is useless, parrish could be solid
I think Everett will turn into a starter for you and be a nice addition. Parrish will likely struggle to get off the LOS in the NFL. He's not just small, he's weak physically. He does have some great feet though and may make a play here or there.
Parrish is fast. He is also small (5'10", 168 lbs.) with short arms and no capacity to bulk up. Potentially explosive player if you can keep him healthy, but he'll get broken in half if he is sent over the middle. (Ask the Seminole fans.)

Everett won a footrace against Kellen Winslow Jr. Seems to be a good underneath pass catcher, but runs sloppy routes and has trouble with in-line blocking.
Parrish is a nice player...

Everett is one of those players where you wonder if the light will go on.
Parrish will never be a #1 receiver. He lacks size and strength. I think he will fill the returner need for you very well. Everett, heard he is hurt and he looks like a decent prospect but I dont know that much about him. Thanks for the props though.
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