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Not a good year for Grier

I actually think it's possible Kamara ends up being here longer than Robinson, which would probably be totally on par for a Grier draft class.
Bad year for Grier? More like bad decade. Zero playoff wins since 2000 (2016 since Grier has been GM) is enough for most teams to fire their GM.
I appreciate the way Grier drafts. Go get premium positions that are rarely available on the open market.

If you are drafting for this year specifically, you screwed up during the free agency period.

I don't think Grier bats 1.000% obviously. My preferrence would have been Briant Thomas Jr over Chop, but that's a differnece of opinion; I'm happy with Chop. The Paul pick is the issue to me, but that's just a different evaluation. I still think it was a good pick process-wise.

What would you change?
I also would have gone Thomas there, or Mitchell. It will be interesting to see how the careers of Thomas, Mitchell and Robinson go.

Second round, I liked Beebe but he ended up going almost 20 picks after Paul. Personally, I just thought Miami really needed to upgrade the middle of the line.

Overall, this could turn out to be a good draft, though.
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