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Now who would you like to see starting at LE???

Who would you like to see start at LE??

  • Ogunleye

    Votes: 2 5.7%
  • Burnett

    Votes: 21 60.0%
  • Bowens

    Votes: 9 25.7%
  • Williams

    Votes: 3 8.6%

  • Total voters


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I hope to see Ogunleye start but maybe now open competition will bring out the best out of each player.
I kinda hope Williams starts. I think Burnett can be our Trace Armstrong-type player. But I think he'd do better against the run. But I'd like to see Williams playing more of the run downs and rotate Burnett in. Maybe see them get equal snaps.

On passing downs, David Bowens HAS to be in there. I'd like to see D. Bowens, ??, Burnett, Taylor line up. LDT on passing downs would be up for grabs.
I have no idea who's better here, but since we gave up a fourth to grab Williams he's getting my vote. I hope the trade pays off.
I'd like to see Burnett and DBow rotating as starters (although I'd also like to se Ogun step up, I'm still on the fence with him)... toss in Williams to spell Burnett... I think we'll be pretty solid on both side of the line now....
This will be one of the most interesting battles of tr. camp. We have 4 guys all competing for this job, and ALL of them can claim some right to the job.
Marco Coleman! Oh crap wait.........we let him go to Jacksonville because we waited till the last dang minute to cut D.G :lol: :p
As for "waiting for the last minute", I think that is because Wanny TRULY wanted things to work out with DG. That is probably why he has been trying to get in touch with him for the last month, because he wanted it to work out. When it was clear to Wanny, that it was not going to work out, then he made the move.
This should turn out to be a very heated and interesting training camp battle. With this much competition, one of these guys could really step up and show something big this year. Who that will be, nobody knows. ;)
I voted for R. Burnett to start. I'd like to see if J. Williams can produce in a similar way....If he can compete for the starting spot with R. Burnett, I'll be satisfied.

On passing downs, I'm expecting D. Bowens to be solid at getting pressure opposite J. Taylor....

I'll be fun to watch these guys fight it out. DE A. Ogunleye will need a strong TC to stay in contention. I like all of them in a rotation sense, but there is yet to be one single player out of this group that stands alone......

I heard very good things of R. Burnett druning the mimi-camps, and I think that made it a little easier for DW and RS to decide to release D. Gardener.....

The players we've brought in have a better chance at staying healthy for a whole season as well.....DG was never there when we needed him most. Hopefully, these guys will be able change that this season.

i would like to see Williams take the spot, cause we gave up a 4th Rounder and he needs to show us that he is worth it
Honestly I think Rob Burnett will end up starting now. He's looked really good in minicamps from what I've heard from people that were there (even though Burnett hasn't been to many minicamps). In fact someone said that Burnett looked BETTER than Daryl Gardener in mini-camp, and I know former NFL player friends of Rob have said that Burnett can be and probably will be just as good as DG or JT. I dont know about all that though...

But the problem is that Burnett is not so much a run stopper as Jay Williams is supposed to be...and they BOTH have the ability to move inside to DT.

So it will be odd to see what we do in nickel and dime situations (obvious passing downs) Wannstedt noted specifically that Williams has the ability to play DT in nickel and dime packages. I think that means he'll be switching inside for those. The real question is, will Burnett too?

Will we see a Burnett-Chester-Bowens-Taylor defensive line on 1st and 2nd downs and a Bowens-Burnett-Williams-Taylor defensive line on nickel plays? Wouldn't surprise me. Ogunleye's destined to be the odd man out til he shows a lot more talent than he has.
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