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Ogden rumor


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Aug 29, 2002
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A K.C. radio station is reporting that Miami and K.C. are working on a trade that would send them Ogden in exchange for William Bartee CB. Bartee has been in the league two years. He switched from S to CB in his senior year. Big hitter, good in run support. Early in camp was reportedly challenging for a starting spot. Don't know much else, but it makes sense b/c Wann/Spiel like those S to CB converts.
I'll take it...I'll take it. I like Wooden in our dime setups though...

We'll see what Bartee can do!
Billy Bartee is waaaay too short to play CB for us....;)
Unfortunately the only thing I can remember about William Bartee is that Sylvester Morris was making him look silly before he blew his knee. I think. It might have been Johnnie Morton more recently but I can't remember when I heard it.
I've never watched Bartee play, so i'll defer to whatever Wann/Spiel think of him. Personally, I was hoping for a draft pick. Either way, we were going to get little or nothing for Ogden. I guess they chose little. I'm just glad A.J. made the team, I was really rooting for for him last year too. ( assuming the rumor is true)
I will comment when something actually gets done...until then it holds as much salt as the Brad Johnson to Miami rumor.
I saw the same "rumor" and while adding a quality corner is expected and needed, I am not sure it is going to be this guy. He is their starting LCB and is backed up by 32 yr old Ray Crockett, and after them they seem to be pretty thin too. Why would they give up one of their two starting CB's for a #4 or #5 WR and a draft choice ??( which is what it would take, this would not be for Ogden straight up) Could be true, but I think someone planted that on another board. I would love to see it happen because Bartee would completly solidify the defensive backfield giving them the 4 quality corners that they will need, but I have my doubts about this being the guy/ team. We shall see.
BUT......forgot to mention. Bartee IS a Daytona Beach, FL native and is a 2 year veteran who probably signed a 3 yr contract coming out of college so the cap hit to KC would be minimal and he may be a restricted FA next year so it may cost them more in the long run to retain him, so he is a candidate in this regard. But I just have my doubts who they would plan to start in his place.
He is not a starter with KC...trust me I live in MO.

He was beaten out by a youngster who's name I cannot recall.
He was actually their 4th DB last night against the Rams.

That's not exactly a good sign if a team with concerns at DB has a player who can't solidify a spot with them.
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