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OK fellas, Pre-season is over....Lions @ Dolphins


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Oct 15, 2001
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Time for the 1st prediction of the season....let's here them....

Detriot Lions 10 Miami Dolphins 24 ......3 TD's and 1 FG
Lions 6 Dolphins 24

They aren't going to post a TD on a 1st team d for a while. It's a good thing that they have Harrington because if McMahon stands in the pocket long enough to find an open Lions receiver, he's going to get killed. The only person fast enough to stretch the field on their roster is Hakim and he can't hold onto the ball if they do manage to get it to him. BLOWOUT!!!
i say.....................

finz: 34

lions: 17


:monkey: on saddam
Dolphins 31 Lions 3

Still be on your toes though...I still remember how much Minnesota was favored to win the opener against Carolina last year and Carolina waxed them ;) I don't think that's gonna happen this week but that kickoff return for a td on the kickoff still haunts me :eek: :o
28-3 Fins

Keep in mind the Lions have a very good DL, but the rest of the team is bad with a few exceptions.
If the Fins struggle to win this game it's not a very good indication of things to come.

IMO Feidler will have a better day than Ricky.

:monkey: Lions
Originally posted by Dol_Fan5434
stuburn stuburn stuburn, and you actually think your team will do good............

Aren't you the same way? Don't you think your team will do good? So then how is he different?

I know the teams are different, but that's not what I'm talking about. ;) Its all good.
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