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Dec 12, 2001
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Really doesn't look any better than the one that finished 21st against the rush last season. Bowens has a diminshing effect every year. Chester is yet to prove that he can be more healthy than DG who was twice the player that Chester is when healthy. Williams has done nothing in this league, and really dosesn't even compare to the mediocre Mixon and Bromell. Hopefully Williams will find some new talent being on the opposite side of a serious threat that JT is, but that is unlikely. Burnett had a great season 2 years ago, but is doubtfull he will find another year like that at 34. I just think we have subtracted more every time we made an attempt to add. Hopefully Adams will come to south Florida so things don't look as bleek, but right now I am very worried.
I disagree. Until last year when he broke his leg, Larry Chester had never missed time due to injury. Broken bones and back problems are two totally different things. A broken leg is not a chronic condition. It's a freak accident. Nothing "freaky" about Gardener's back injuries. Just "chronic".

If Larry Chester indeed cannot stay healthy this year.......what have we lost when compared to Daryl Gardener?? We'd be getting the same thing, except no distractions. Plus, Daryl Gardener wouldn't be playing DT anymore. He'd be an overpaid runstoppper at DE. Larry Chester will do exactly what Sam Adams will do.

Neither of our LDE's could hold up very well at the point of attack last year. Now we have two guys who can. And both of those guys have played for Super Bowl champions. Ask Leon Searcy about Rob Burnett. Burnett is durable. Before last year, he missed 1 start in 4 seasons. And before he got hurt in 1996, he played four more without missing a start. I see that as addition and not subtraction.

Bromell was a good player. Losing him sucks. He was a better inside pass rusher than Gardener. But I don't feel dispondent about it.

Honestly, I'm pretty EXCITED about our defensive line. I really like what I see there. DE looks loaded to me. And now that Haley and the other backup DTs are healthy again, we should be good to go. Wouldn't discount adding another DT, but Atkins could come on strong.
I have to agree with Dajesus - what was our stregth in the past is looking very flimsy now - virtually no depth on the D-line and now with Gardner gone we are stuck with some deteriorating front-liners and no quality depth. This weakness will have a domino effect on the linebackers and secondary as they will have to make more and more tackles. How did we get in this mess?
ctually we have alot depth at DT position.Last year Haley and Grant were battling injuries ...We also have some street free agent who impressed the coaches who might stick around.We have alot depth at DE and now is time for one our younger Ends to step up.I would love to see Bowen or Ogunleye start..

DT Bowen Solid
DT Chester Played outstanding last season before he got hurt .Alot of analyst said he was playing at a probowl level..
RE Taylor We all know Taylor but We need to get those 12 sacks..
LE ??? Hoopefully Bowen or Ogunleye start..These two just have some energy that others player can feed off...

We have alot quality depth at End now...
Guys, give them the chance to fail. Heck they have not even put on the pads yet and you all are allready doom and gloom.:nono:
Our only pass rusher at end is Taylor - if he goes down we are in big trouble. I like Bowen as a special teamer but if we have to start him at end...the Packers didn't want him and he got cut by the Bills for heaven's sake! Burnett was a good player a few years ago, but he is now marginal at best - I watched him play near the end of last season he had nothing left in the tank. Ogunleye is a project. EVERYONE PRAY FOR JAYSON TAYLOR'S HEALTH. Bowens is just not the dominant player that he was a few years back. Granted that Chester is decent, but I don't see anyone behind them that can step in and give us anywhere near that level of play. We have no depth. I sure hope that I am wrong abouth this.
Maybe we'll see Bates get creative and start using the speed of Rodgers and Greenwood to help the pass rush if need be. I think that D. Bowens or JT both are fast enough to drop off and cover any underneath routes. While the OTs are wondering who the hell they are supposed to be blocking, Greenwood or Rodgers could be flying by and causing chaos in the back field.
There is one thing I do agree with.....IF JT goes down...we're screwed big time.
Zone blitzes and gimic defenses will go just so far in this league. You have to be able to generate some kind of rush with you D-line, and I don't see anyone outside of JT to get that done.
Originally posted by steve_t
Zone blitzes and gimic defenses will go just so far in this league. You have to be able to generate some kind of rush with you D-line, and I don't see anyone outside of JT to get that done.

Why don't we ask Belichick and the Patriots how far gimic defenses can take a team...
Burnett is marginal at best.

How do you know? Let's let them play first.
Burnett was injured from Day One last year. But he had 10.5 sacks in 2000. A former All-Pro doesn't naturally fall off that quickly. Marginal?? We'll see.
According one of DCH camp report Burnett look good out there....I will start attending camp July 28 when Veteran report.....
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