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Sep 2, 2001
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Alright, I'm having some trouble coming up with a new poll for this week. So, post a poll that you would like to see FinHeaven & CO host on the home page.

The shorter the question and answers are, the better.
How about this one ?

How much of the draft will you watch ?

  1. The Whole Thing
  2. starting around the 90th pick
  3. not at all

    or something like that
How many times will we beat the Jets this season?

A. Clean sweep! :D
B. One is all we need to break the streak! :D
C. We suck! :nono: Hide us from the Jets fans! :mad:
How will the Dolphins end the 2002 season??

A) Super Bowl Champs
B) AFC Champs
C) Divisional Champs (2nd Round)
D) Divisional Loser
E) Wild Card Loser (First Round)
F) Miss the Playoffs
How many yards will Ricky Williams rush for in 2002??

A) 1,800+
B) 1,500+
C) 1,200+
D) 1,000+
E) under 1,000 yards
Keep them coming, if I don't use yours this week, it will be next week and the week after that, and the week after that... :lol:
Whose the biggest loser?
a) Derek Jeter
b) Ms. Cleo
c) Ruben Rivera
d) Vinny Testeverde
e) Randy Mueller
Poll Subject

How about.....

Who was the best Dolphins coach of all time?

a.) Don Shula
b.) Jimmy Johnson
c.) Dave Wannstedt
d.) George Wilson


Who was the biggest bust for the Dolphins?

a.) Cecil Collins
b.) Yatil Green
c.) Karim Abdul-Jabbar
d.) J.J. Johnson

My choices for both: Don Shula, and Yatil Green
Kareem made a few hook shots!

I am not sure I would put Kareem Abdul jabbar on there because he was at least a bit productive over the other candidates as a Dolphin!! He had one 1000 yard season! The other ones were simply PUSS!!!!!!!
Biggest Bust: Try Sammie Smith, John Bosa, Eric Kumerow, John Avery, Don Reese... and the list goes on.
Originally posted by RevRick
Biggest Bust: Try Sammie Smith, John Bosa, Eric Kumerow, John Avery, Don Reese... and the list goes on.

Good job going way back to some "old school" busts. lol
I would add Jackie Shipp to that list.
Don't know if you could really call Reese a bust(parden the pun).
He did have a couple good years.
As for Bosa, he was a good player, but, injury ended a promising carreer IMO.
IMO Kumerow is the all time bust.
I think Don Shula would even admit that now after all these years.

Eric Kumerow is the BIGGEST DOLPHIN BUST THERE IS!!Talk about a major bust, how about Barry Milner and Andrew Greene? This was Shulas last draft! They were supposed to be the next WEBB and SIMMS tandem!! They both were major busts!! John Avery is also up there, What was JJ thinking on this guy? There would be a hole in front of him and he would dance in the hole until the backers would recover!! NO GAIN!!
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