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Apr 16, 2003
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Long Pond, PA
No. I do not, although I have wanted to go to Miami Mike's and live in the woods where many people wear cowboy hats. I am just a regular female Dolphins fan who teaches PE and knows and follows football more than most men I know. I make the trip from NJ to Florida for at least 1 game every year and haven't missed watching a preseason or regular game in 10 years. Just upgraded to a 70 inch TV for the games and have my 27 inch above the bar for the Red Zone. Can't wait for Sunday!
Heh - I'm in the Poconos. I understand woods.

I only asked because I always wondered what happened to Mary. She was a nice lady, and I saw her a few years in a row. Then, she was just gone. I think she was on this forum, too.
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