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Quarteback Challenge


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Sep 3, 2001
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Anchorage, AK
Tom Brady is entering the Quarterback Challenge against Plummer, Brooks, Manning, Flutie and Garcia. What a joke! The guy wins the Super Bowl and thinks he's the sh*t now!?!? I'll eat my words if he comes out on top, but money says he will finish last, or next to last.
my money is on brooks too, the guys an incredible athlete...i just used to love it when danny boy would strap on his knee brace and do this competition against steve young who would kill him every time
All-time QB Challenge Winners
Year Winner
2001 Trent Dilfer
2000 Jake Plummer
1999 Jake Plummer
1998 Jim Harbaugh
1997 Vinny Testaverde
1996 Neil O'Donnell
1995 Randall Cunningham
1994 Randall Cunningham
1993 Jeff Hostetler
1992 Dan Marino
1991 Dan Marino

Just to let people know
THE NFL QUARTERBACK CHALLENGE will be broadcasted on CBS as a two one-hour sports specials from 4-5 p.m on Sat., July 13 and Sun., July 14.
If Mike Vick participated, he'd win against anybody. I think Plummer will win.
I'm going to shoot for Aaron Brooks I think. Manning hasn't done much in previous competitions. Plummer will be very good though.
Well, I'm rooting for Peyton Manning. Just something about him makes me want to see him win. Except when we break his jaw or something like that.

But I think Plummer or Garcia will win.
Aaron Brooks is a great athlete, but it just seems sometimes that he doesn't know WHEN to use his athletic ability. He looked lost too many times in the pocket last year and took a nice few unnecesary sacks that could have been avoided, and SHOULD have been avoided by an athlete like him.

I like him, there just seems to be one piece missing to him becoming a star, and it seems like the dreaded pocket presance.
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