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Rob Konrad / Is he a bad blocking FB ? (merged 2x)

Sounds like we worked out that extension with him. The phins had around a million + to work with. Last I heard before the season started was that they wanted to extend Konrad/Freeman.
Rob Konrad

A few Days ago there was A Dolphins Press release . All it said was Konrad, and had a picture of R.K. running with the ball. I thought that the problem would be fixed by now-but it's not. I hav'nt read anything about an injury or a contract extension. Can anybody shed some light on the subject ? Inquiring minds want to know.:confused:
I think it was "Ask a Dolphin". Speaking of Rob Konrad, I read, (maybe it was on that "ask a dolphin"), that Norv had made a comment to Konrad's family that he was going to be getting the ball more this year. He had a great play for a td last Sunday. Anyone heard anything more about his role increasing this year?
Of course he has a bigger role this year because he is in Norv's offense where they actually use the FB. Gailey didn't use the FB at all.
Konrad is having a his best season. He's healthy and he's not dropping the ball like he used to. He's look for daylight when he just used to look for heads to bump. Any one hear anything about Dyer though. I've not seen him or heard is name called. He's not inactive but I believe he's just in on special teams.
Is Konrad still a bad blocking FB?

... I mean how do you judge these things? I would think many that thought yes would say it was because the HB that runs behind him didn't gain many yards. Well what about now, does RW's get all the credit and Konrad get none, still?

Actually a lot of ppl did...

... before RW's started running for the Dolphins. Now all of a sudden he's always been this good. I just wanted to see if anyone out there would stand by their previous assessment of him.


Originally posted by chambers84
Who the hell said he was a bad blocking FB??
I don't think he is the devistating blocker Deon is but he has come a long way. IMHO this is the year people will start to say he is a complete FB, and deserve to go to the pro bowl.
I STILL don't think he is a very good blocker. But, he has improved and is at least holding his own. But, the thing that makes him more effective is, once again Norv Turner's offense. Now instead of a defender running right past him and going for Ricky, they have to keep tabs on where Konrad is headed. That extra tentativeness, allows him to take one defender out of the game.

Konrad's problem in the blocking game is that he gives up too easily on his blocks. He does not keep pushing to the whistle. He usually gets a good initial block, but then will let go of the defender early. I have seen this happen several times, where his defender than runs down the play. Plus he is only good for ONE block. Dyer, is almost always going to push 2 people out of position to make the play, and if he DOES only take one man... that man will be on his ass.
Re: Is Konrad still a bad blocking FB?

I do not feel people care as much in Norv's system. Now, they are more concerned/impressed with his pass catching skills - which are as good as almost all FBs (yes bills fans he is not Centers, yet ;) )
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