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Dec 12, 2001
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I read in the Sentinel's report that he caught an 80 yards TD in 2nights practices. Am i wrong or did I read almost the same thing a day or two ago? What I am trying to say is it seems that he is single handedly trying to bring back the deep post back to Miami. I don't think i have seen a Dolphin score on this play since Keith Jackson wore my favorite colors. It is still early in camp, but it would seem to me that he comming damn close to taking Ogden's job, and i would be very happy to see that.
Yeah but what about Sam Simmons?

McKnight performed the deep post admirably last year. Fiedler couldn't get it to him though. And then when he finally DID get him the ball on target on the deep post, well...we know what happened :(
Baker if he stays healthy has always been a threat..but Odgen is having a good camp too...he's not giving up the 5th receiver spot easily...and Simmons, from a fan point of veiw..haven't seem him live...isn't making much noise at this point..but I understand he will be doing some kO and PR's doing pre season to show case his talent.
How could he have stepped it up if he was constantly injured?
He has impressed in practice but not in game situations...However the coaches should get a good look at him against the Bucs and the Saints and then decide on his faith..
Yeah but isn't that also kinda the point? Baker can't even stay healthy enough through training would we be able to count on him to stay healthy enough through a season of pounding?

Well either way, its the 5th WR position in a Norv Turner offense...and hence nothing to get excited about. He could supplant Ogden and Simmons and go through an entire season on the roster and still 99.9% of the league and fans out there would say "Robert who?"
It's the 5th WR spot and probably the PR duty as well. I think who ever shows the best ability of doin g both thigs will be the keeper.
I'm pulling for Baker...He did make the roster last year toward the end when we had so many receivers go down..He did pretty good when he was in there..He didn't get to many reps, but he got on the field..We're probaly need him again this year...injuries are a big part of the NFL (Not For Long) "the injury bug will hit "league
I always liked Baker. You have to admire the guy for trying every year. He has the speed and has been showing good hands. With Ogden you get reliable, with Baker you get potential. I'd go with Baker.
I'd go with reliable as a PR than than potential.

Baker shows the ability to do more than Ogden than ok. But I'd say he's prob 3rd on list for that job right now.


Like it or not spending a draft pick on a guy does give him a little bit of slack compared to a guy not drafted.
Robert Baker the Touchdown Maker. That has a nice ring to it.
This is what Odgen had to say about Baker " (talking about punt returning) "We have A.J. (Albert Johnson), who did it in Canada (for Winnipeg in 2000), Selecio Sanford has done a great job, Sam Simmons was drafted and he's done it, and Robert Baker, who can make 11 guys miss without touching him."

Robert was impressive in his first camp and I thought then he had a future, but injury has kept him at bay..maybe this is the year his body cooperates and allow him a chance at stardom.
The talk on Simmons has been minimal, most of the talk you read mentions Baker. It would be interesting to see what eyewitness reports mention regartding the PR drills and who is taking the majority of plays.
Originally posted by DNY
The talk on Simmons has been minimal, most of the talk you read mentions Baker. It would be interesting to see what eyewitness reports mention regartding the PR drills and who is taking the majority of plays.

Which reminds me..what happened to the eyewitness reports we use to get..Is anyone doing them anymore since the ?? of JB reports..did JB give up because of a little dogging...everyone gets dogged in their lives. hope he recovers.
Baker again in the news as who's hot in TC.

Rookie quarterback Tim Levcik made a good read and throw over the middle to wide receiver Robert Baker . Baker has been very impressive throughout camp, particularly when running over the middle. He has shown awareness in high-traffic areas.

He's defintely improving his chances.
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