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Saban on WQAM with Hank

Adding a quality RB will make the line better , the QB better, and even the WRs better.
Crowder: Versatility is very important, Channing and Travis Daniels fit the role
NO one wanted to trade up.

We liked Smith , Edwards and Brown.

Daniels: has size, very instinctive, excellent ball skills. Receivers have gotten so big that CB's need to be bigger too. Also need to be good tacklers.
Likes Daniels because of his size and good ball judgement/skills and versatilty
Whose gonna play Free Safety this year Nick???
Brown: People will be surprised at how good a reciever he is.
Direction of team right Now: He likes quickness the defense has now. Rushing the passer is important. Last year when the DL suffered the injuries we strugled against the run because we were so small. Being BIG and athletic is important.
Surferosa said:
Whose gonna play Free Safety this year Nick???

Someone is gonna get cut after June 1st at FS and that person is going to end up being our starter at FS next season. Just a feeling I have...
Houck: Vernon Carey will play this year thus making the OL better. Needs to be a contributor and we need to develop him. Alabi has all the tools to develop. He likes Carey. (he has only said Relative TWICE) Coaching will be biggest factor on OL.
Berlin: Respects him ever since he was recruiting him (Said relative again).
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