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Salary Cap Situation Looks Good

alopez34 said:
:roflmao: :roflmao:

Thats great judging by the character of ronnie brown he will prob take wut he deserves and not a penny more he wont try to get an extra dollar to "feed his family"
I'm not questioning Ronnie's character at all. The #2 pick in a draft is guarenteed A LOT of money. He's entitled for an outrageous bonus (which I'm pretty doesn't affect the cap). Also you could be one of the most humbled soft spoken guys, but your agent is going to try and suck out every penny he could get. Luckily his agent is Todd France who seems like a pretty good guy, and not Drew Rosenhaus. But regardless of Ronnie's great character he's due in for a big contract. The good character that I see in him is going to prove to be worthwhile because I don't see him as a guy who would hold out, miss training camp, or be selfish in any kind of way... But negotiating a contract is not a simple precedure and unfortuately this may go on until July even perhaps... I'm not question Ronnie's character at all (not Todd France either), I think Ronnie's has character and is a great hardworking tremendous athelete, and France sounds like a pretty good agent. Regardless of who we picked at #2 it's going to be a big contract, and I was just asking how that will be affecting our cap situation...
hooserdaddy said:
does anyone think were going to have trouble signing the additional 6-8 ROOKIE UFA's and sign our 6 draft picks with the Rookie pool.
I was wondering the same thing, but the only signing I'm worried about is Ronnie Brown because the rest of the signings should be peanuts, and the 2nd pick in the draft is due for a HUGE contract.
It's funny, but the local papers are saying he looked great in camp. One reporter was saying he threw a 40 yard pass between two defenders that was a bullet!

A BULLET???? Boy Chad must have a very week arm!:wink:

Pennington is a touch passer. I personally think he's a bit over rated and he can't stay healthy.
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