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Schedule release chart

schedule is very different from last year in my opinion. Last year I thought we had about 4 automatic losses including at philly at bills chiefs in germany and at ravens. I saw several really easy games against denver, giants and panthers at home Then we had games like against the chargers week one that were toss up games that would determine how we finish the season. I don't see any automatic losses except for at buffalo this year. Niners are at miami so we could win that game. Until miami proves me wrong that is how I see it with buffalo.

I see ton of toss up games against rams, jags, browns, and many more.
Now I thought titans game was easy game last year and we blew it. So this doesn't really matter. Just how I see the schedule. We play a lot of teams like colts, jags, browns, rams, seahawks that are good but not great teams. We need to beat them. Jets games should be tougher now too.

I hope we hold up in trenches and stay healthy. That will be key of course.
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