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Mar 16, 2005
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I love watching this guy play. He really has a love and passion for the game, that I wish could have rubbed off more on this team. I'm glad he's coming back and possibly ending his career with Miami. I can see him taking crowder and the other linebackers and teaching them the so called ropes. I truly believe he is the heart and soul of this defense, and hopes he takes a more vocal role in motivating this team. We need him now more than ever.
miami_mi said:
I truly believe he is the heart and soul of this defense

Although I love Seau and I am very happy he is coming back I don't think he is the "heart and solu" of this defense, I think that would go to JT and ZT
Zack Thomas is the heart and soul of the Defense but having Seau is a great influence on all the younger players on our team because this guy is a lock for the Hall of Fame and a natural leader.. GreenMonster
Do you both agree that Zach is more of a quiet leader.
Zach doesn't get fired up like Junior does but he shows his leadership by consistently being in on numerous plays and playing with injuries. I love Junior's attitude and he doesn't have the big ego where he has to be the main man or have a huge contract. I am glad he is sticking with Saban and vice versa. He can show the younger guys how to play the game.
I just think Seau freelances too much and I still remember 2 years ago that roughing the passer penalty and O-Gun having to calm him down and tell him he made a mistake
jaxdolfan said:
Seau is done.

....Man, I know what you mean. 57 tackles through 8 games putting him on pace for over 100 total tackles for a guy who only played like 75% of the time (if that)...that's just pityful...

Truth is that Seau has plenty left in his tank for a guy his age and what ever step he has lost, he more than makes up for with leadership and lockerroom presence.
I think talking to Nick has fired Junior up even more. He said he can't wait to experience the "Nice Era", and he called Nick the Captain of the ship. I think Junior, like all of us, realizes that this is a different organization and locker room with Nick than it was with Dave and that's fired him up. He's going to be playing in a defense as he said, that is VERY simular to what he played in all those years in San Diego. It's good to hear him and Zach be so upbeat and positive about what they think of this defense they'll be playing in. I think that speaks to Nick's ability to get people to believe in his system and show them WHY it's successful ...
One thing about Seau, the guy stays in great shape. I heard alot of people talking about this being his final year but if he can stay healthy and continue to perform at a high level i can see him being with us for at least another 2 years minimum.
jaxdolfan said:
Seau is done.

Seau is old and in decline but far from done.. I thought he played decent last year and will add another option on our 3rd down pass rush..
i would love to keep him as our LB coach after he retires...
When Junior Seau came here to Miami, Zach Thomas said even he was learning a new thing or two from Seau. Junior is going to be a great mentor to our young LB's and young players on defense, just imagine what influence he'll be having on our rookie stud Channing Crowder! Not to mention he still has some gas left in the tank, he was having a pretty good season last year believe it or not until he got injured. Yes, that's a sign of old age but the guy still wants to play, Saban wanted him to come back. He restructured his contract for us, he's the definition of a great team player and great all around person, and he's one of the most respected players on the team not to mention in the NFL. Junior Seau STILL HAS GAS LEFT IN THE TANK! :rawk:
phinswin said:
i would love to keep him as our LB coach after he retires...

That would be cool for having one of the best LB to ever play the game, to be a teacher for this team.
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