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spin on dajesus' thread. my offensive MVP...


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Nov 13, 2001
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JAY FIEDLER. before you bash, know this:

he led them back from five 4th quarter deficits, had the highest 4th quarter qb rating in ENTIRE league, and threw 1 pick over his last 5 or 6 regular season games. his 1 playoff pick, that memorable bomb off mcknights shoulderpad at the goalline that should've brought miami to within 7 points. this guy is a pro bowler waiting to happen and deserves better than getting booed at AAArena during a heat game.

ps- no running game, as usual, and a limited o-line(since training camp) to take the load off
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I agree, it made me sick when I heard he was booed at a Miami sports complex. That was probably one of the most classless thing I have heard about.
I think Fiedler kept us in more games than lost them for us..I can think of a lot QB's who would have lost some games for us..Fiedler is smarter than people give him credit for..He generally fix his mistakes,,,McCade couldn't do that in Chicago, nor here.
Balt..found out about their QB last year and asked him to take a pay cut..we increase Fielder salary.. He's ready for the next step, just needed the play makers around him..He killed us in that Jacksonville playoff game..He had good people around him and help eat our D. which wasn't that bad..We don't lose to who we're not suppose to lose to. He's not an MVP, but he can play football.
Myself, I am not convinced that Jay Fiedler is a special quarterback. However he can be a decent quarterback and I believe that a lot of QBs that are called "special" are really nothing more than decent with a good team...even some hall of famers.

That said, I agree with the offensive MVP award to Jay Fiedler. Chambers can't get it, he wasn't consistent enough. He was just a rookie. Think about this. Fiedler had an attrocious injury plagued line, a horrible runningback, James McKnight dropping passes in key situations, perhaps the slowest footed WR in the league, and Chris Chambers who though he's a superstar rookie was still just a rookie and often would have miscues as a result....and he managed to put up 3000+ yards, over 20 TDs, some rushing TDs, and 11 wins.

He had a choice really because of the line and how bad they were running the ball and protecting against passrush. At the beginning of the season he chose to dump the ball to his hot read without looking to see if he was there or if he was covered. As a result he had like 17 interceptions or something and got sacked a minimum amount of times. In the last seven games, he waited longer to actually see the field, and he had 2 interceptions, yet a WHOLE lot more sacks.

You make the call which was worst. We were winning games in the beginning of the season when he was running fast and loose and not taking sacks (which tend to be drive killers). In the second half of the year sure Jay wasn't throwing the costly int but also a lot of times our offense was sputtering anyway (San Francisco)
I am getting sick of hearing about how Mcknight dropped so many passes. He dropped 2 crucial passes the one in the playoff game would have been an exceptional catch(he was also playing with a concussion, and if the rest of our WRs were healthy probably wouldn't have been in the game.) I mean for christ sakes he had 60 catches this past season in a year that 2 other wrs had 50+ receptions. I am 99.9% sure he had fewer drops on the year than CC did. Find me a wr that had less than 2 drops last season who also put up 60 receptions. The is the same stupidity that gets Jay booed at a Heat game.
I didn't say he dropped A LOT of passes, I said that he dropped passes in crucial situations. He did have more than his fair share of drops and no it was not just two. He even admitted during the season to a reporter when assessing how many yards he had that if he hadn't dropped some of the passes that he dropped, he could have easily had 100+ more yards. And this was like 3/4 through the season if I remember correctly.

Its not like he dropped everything thrown his way, but he did have more than his share. More than you would like a starting WR to drop even if you are being realistic about it. And the worst part is he did it most often in important situations. And no, Chris Chambers did not have more drops than McKnight did. Sorry but thats just not true.
So you'll stick up for McKnight (I have nothing against the guys he just didn't do a whole lot last year) but you're willing to drop bombs on Jay every 3rd post? I don't get it. :nono:
"The is the same stupidity that gets Jay booed at a Heat game."

-And by the way Dajesus you might want to calm down and be a little less abrasive. We're all fans here and a lot of us have different opinions. But that is no reason to call me stupid. Especially when you're the one that misread my statement as saying that James McKnight had a LOT of drops, where I only in fact stated that he dropped passes in important situations.
McKnight actually had a very high percentage of caught balls thrown to him or some stat like that that measures your percentage of catching the ball. McKnight's was in the top 20 in the NFL.

i dont think the posters are talking about those 2 drops particarlry. i remember the forgotten plays, 2nd quarter, 2nd and 7 plays where the ball hit him in the hands and he just didnt hold on. plays that dont hit the highlight(lowlight)reel. in my book, he had too many of those.
McKnight also lost three fumbles, and had those two balls hit him, and he bobbled them for picks. That in my book is as good as 5 fumbles.

For a WR that is terrible.
I would like to see that stat page iceblizzard. I've read pretty much every story but havent seen one of those. And like I said McKnight himself admitted he's dropping a lot of balls and even said that if he hadn't dropped so many he'd have 100+ more yards.
You take away those drops and fumbles and he had a pretty good year.

But they did happen.
Over all Mcknight performance wasn't that bad.I really don't know exactly how many balls he drop but is some where around 4.He is better suited for the outside not for slot and i guess Chan didn't know that.As we all know he came here to stretch the field not to be the slot receiver and I hope he starts opposite to Chambers.Miami wil have two deep threats and Gadsen to make his acrobatic catches in the slot.
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