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Stats publications...


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May 2, 2002
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What is the book called published by Stats Inc. that lists ALL stats both official/unofficial?? Things like Defensive Back stats/ratings... offensive lineman stats/ratings... etc.??

Is this the "The Sporting News Pro Football Guide 2002" listed on their website for $13.95??? I seem to remember the book I am thinking of costing a bit more than that... and I am not so sure about the co-branding with The Sporting News.
I remember linking to them from the "" site.
I'm interested in the same book and plan on trying to find them again when I have some extra money. I may also try the subscription to profootball weekly news letter, that they gaurantee you receive on time (this year). It's a little pricey, around $70.00.

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No, thats not the one... that just has all the "official" NFL statistics. The one I am looking for includes things such as how often a Defensive Back is thrown at, what percentage of times a play going his way is actually successful, how many times an offensive lineman gets beat... etc. Basically everything you possibly wanted to know about every player.
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