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Steve Spurrier interested in Bills job


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Oct 24, 2001
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Ontario, Canada
In other news, Hell has frozen over, but Steve would still rather coach in Hell than Buffalo.

HAHAHA!!! Good one! That was the funniest thing i heard all day! :D

You go guy!
You are sooooo funny!!

Are you originally from Canada??

Only Canadians can have such a wonderful sense of humor :lol:
We're so funny that...

your team is going to move here.Then they won't have to sustain themselves on chicken wings and Polish Sausage. Or Godforbid any more interviews with Ed Kilgore and Stu Boyar.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

"You're watching Buffalo Bills Football, LIVE on CBC, with your hosts Chris Cuthbert and Mike Clemons."

Na, I doubt that'll ever happen.
When old Ralph dies

they are gone. Who in that little town will buy them, not Rigis, they're either in Toronto or LA unless someone gets to LA first and the NFL would never allow themselves to be covered by the CBC. It would still be better than being covered by the Buffalo sports media, what a bunch of rubes. Murphy, Van Miller, Kilgore, and Boyar oh and the best, too bad he's retired Clip Smith, what a bunch of losers.
doubt there will ever be an NFL team in Canada - imagine how complicated the Cap w/b with the conversion factor. :eek:
Originally posted by dolphan39
doubt there will ever be an NFL team in Canada - imagine how complicated the Cap w/b with the conversion factor. :eek:

I agree. As much as I would love to have an NFL franchise in Canada - it doesn't seem likely.
not mention revenue sharing...:eek: :eek: ;)
Well eventually

Canada will be using the US dollar. The way the world is going is that there will be 3 major currencies, the Euro, a single unit for the rich Asian countries, and the US dollar in North America. Some financial analysts say it could happen within the next 10 years. If Canada does use the US dollar than it's more likely that a team will come up here. The main guy who is interested in bringing an NFL team to Toronto is Ted Rogers, he's got $hitloads of cash, plus he'll have other investors. Toronto is now 1 of the biggest markets in North America and there is a lot of money in that city. They use to say that T.O. would never get a basketball team but that ended quickly. Either way the Bills will not be in Buffalo much longer after Ralph Wilson dies, and he's getting pretty old.
pity Mr. Wilson has to die without his team ever having won a Super Bowl :cry: :lol: :evil:

Wide Right ! :lol:
I wish the NFL would get over it's fixation with having a team in LA. The people in/around LA don't care about football as evidenced by the lack of support for the Rams and the Raiders when they were there.

What good does it do to have a team in the 2nd largest TV market if the games are blacked out due to low attendance?
The NFL wants a team there because the networks do

It is thought that the NFL might have to refund some of their TV money because they don't have a team in LA. Fox, CBS, and ABC are the ones who really want a team in LA so their advertisers will reach more people. Either way LA will eventually get a team whether it be an expansion franchise or the Bills, Colts or Cardinals, or even the Raiders moving back.

When you put great beaches and warm weather together it seems to make for apathetic football fans. Miami and LA are 2 of the most apathetic cities towards the NFL. There is a lot more to do on a Sunday afternoon than watch football, unlike Northern markets where it's too Goddamn cold to do anything on a Sunday besides watch football. Plus LA and Miami have large immigrant populations that don't care about football.
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