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Sunday Ticket Question

"As explained in the website devoted to the litigation, the class automatically covers anyone who purchased Sunday Ticket from June 17, 2011 through February 7, 2023. If you didn’t opt out of the class before October 8, 2023, you are in it."

Whaddup @ANUFan , you want money for nothin? Next thing you'll want your chicks for free..... c'mon man!

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Lol…bored really. Season needs to start already!
Hmm. 14 years. I'm guessing after lawyer fees I'll get $28 dollars. Lol

Plaintiff Lawyer fees are said to be seperate..

I hope this impacts them going forward - thats the key, unless they want to open themselves up to future lawsuits at the same risk (dmg x3, not sure how the interest part works)
In the early 2010's with Sunday Ticket, I was lucky to get a game to a game to stream at half time...consistently.. Ironically, it was easier to go find an "alternative" streaming route for 'free' that was actually working...

Think. About. That.

I guess I know what fan victimization feels like...
Customer since 2003. So if there are levels of payout I should be in the "Jeff Bezos Tier"!!!
Curious to see after all the dust settles how a monetary penalty to the NFL will play out in regards to how the cap is structured. I haven't gone into the weeds on how the cap is based on profits or revenue, but if that penalty has any effect on the cap number going up or down, watch out.
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