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Sunday Ticket Question

For those who may care about ONLY watching the Dolphins and purchasing this option if you are out of market (and not in the other teams market):

Week 1: Jaguars @ Dolphins (ST required)
Week 2: Bills @ Dolphins (ST not required, TNF)
Week 3: Dolphins @ Seahwaks (ST maybe required 4:05 game, maybe on locals)
Week 4: Titans @ Dolphins (ST not required, MNF)
Week 5: Dolphins @ Patriots (ST required)
Week 6: Bye

So in the first 6 weeks, 1/3 of the schedule you would only need ST for 2 of the games, possibly 3. Not sure when they run the discounted rate for buying the package after the season starts, but for Fins fans it may be worth just going to a friends or the bar to watch those 2 games and save a bunch of cash.

The second 1/3 of the season you will need ST for a bunch, weeks 7-9, week 10 is MNF.

The last 1/3 of the season is a tossup. Week 13 is Thanksgiving, week 16 is a 4:05 game, week 17 is SNF, week 18 is TBD.

Just putting it out there.
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