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Terrance Wilkins In Tommorrow...


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Jan 27, 2002
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The Dolphins just keep on going...bringing in guys through the turnstiles it seems. WR PATRICK JOHNSON was due in for a visit today...and tommorrow...I have heard they are bringing in yet another very good kick returner. And we all are very farmiliar with him. He's former INDY COLT return burner TERRANCE WILIKINS...who I personally would like to see signed over PAT JOHNSON...if I had my choice.
It is pretty clear that ST coach is looking for a guy to take it the distance....and I don't think he has the name of JEFF OGDEN on his very short list of candidates. It is highly unlikely that CHRIS CHAMBERS will be returning kickoffs this season...as he will be just to much of risk....and of course...there is always the reliable BROCK MARION....but the Dolphins would like to fill the void this season....with a speed burning return man.
Hopefully....the Dolphins can get one of these guys in here to challenge JEFF OGDEN...either one...although I prefer WILKINS...should send Ogden packing..as the last reciever..and as the Punt returner.

Also....CHRIS CARTER is expected to re-visit the DOLPHINS brass this week. He has actually called for an APPOINTMENT! Carter's complete mis-management of his own world-tour...has seen many teams fall out from his wish list. The good news is that the Dolphins are not holding any negative views toward Carter at all....and are definately still interested in Carter....but only if Carter agrees to play for the veteran minimum....that is loaded with many attainable incentives. The last time Carter checked into D-camp...he was looking for a 2-year 1.5 million a year salary...with a signing bonus. You would hope that CARTER just says enough already...and wants to stay close to home. I thinke the Dolphins will see where he is in terms of money now....and see if CARTER is willing to sign on that day...for what they want him to sign for....the veteran minimum...plus incentives. If Carter walks away from the Dolphins this time...with too high demands....thats going to be the last dance.

Also...even if the Dolphins don't get either JOHNSON or WILKENS.....newly re-negotiated WR DEDRIC WARD (another good..more cap space move) will get a shot at returning kicks....as I forgot to say that up there.
This is good to hear! Wilkens is a great player who was overshadowed by Marvin Harrison and Edgerrin James in the COlts offense. IF Miami can get him it would have a huge impact on offense IMO. Now let's hope the OL get's upgraded!
Would like to see them really consider signing Wilkins.
He was always a top notch return guy for the dolts.
He would be such an upgrade over frickin Jell Ogden.
Originally posted by Fletch Longhorn
IF Miami can get him it would have a huge impact on offense IMO.
IF Miami can get him it would have a huge impact on our ST/return game. Not sure Wilkins would be in our top 4 WR's unless we cut someone IMO.
it is a WR Fin frenzy - Rob Moore

Dolphins | Looking at Johnson - posted at KFFL (http://nfl.kffl.com)
4:59 PT: The Miami Herald reports the Miami Dolphins worked out free agent WR Patrick Johnson (Ravens) on Monday.

Dolphins | Wilkins to Visit - posted at KFFL (http://nfl.kffl.com)
4:58 PT: The Miami Herald reports the Miami Dolphins plan to have free agent WR Terrence Wilkins (Colts) in town for a visit later this week.

Dolphins | Looking at Moore - posted at KFFL (http://nfl.kffl.com)
4:58 PT: According to the Miami Herald, free agent WR Rob Moore (Cardinals) is expected to visit with the Miami Dolphins soon.

Dolphins | No Offer Made to Carter - posted at KFFL (http://nfl.kffl.com)
4:57 PT: The Miami Herald reports the Miami Dolphins have not made a contract offer to free agent WR Cris Carter (Vikings) as of yet. The team continues to look at other wide receivers, too.

Dolphins | Ward Update - posted at KFFL (http://nfl.kffl.com)
4:56 PT: As an update to previous reports, the Miami Herald reports WR Dedric Ward, who received a two-year contract extension with the Miami Dolphins on Monday, underwent surgery on Feb. 28 for a stress fracture. He's expected to be ready for the start of training camp but his status will be updated at a later time.
Wilkens would be a great additon to our team. I liked him when he was playing with the colts. Having a return man in Wilkens will raise the bar another level for our Fins. Patrick Johnson is a good return man too, he runs a blazing 4.26 40 yard dash. His problem is he can't stay healthy a whole season.
Originally posted by FinaticalOne
His problem is he can't stay healthy a whole season.
I guess that is the one thing Ogden could do better :rolleyes:
somehow Ogden...

will end up at Georgia Tech - does he have any college eligibility left ? ;) :lol:

...going after receivers really only makes sense if they're getting ready to show McKnight the door.

What kind of Cap ramifications would accompany such a move?

I don't think.......

they are plotting on releasing McKnight, he may have dropped some balls but we could do a helluva lot worse. Ogden was our fifth receiver slash special teams guy, and that's why we are looking at Johnson and Wilkens. We are hoping we can upgrade that spot.
I don't envisage us using many 5 receiver sets in Norv's offense with RW. Surely we're looking at special teams and depth.:)

CC snr is looking more and more like the deaf kid in a game of musical chairs - I wonder if his vist this week is to beg for a job at vet min.:evil:
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