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The Fins will go down on Monday

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Oct 12, 2001
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There is noway the fins can win a shot out and that what it will be on Monday night.

I will bet anybody on here on that game? If the Colts wins you must stay away from this board for a week. If the Fins win I will stay away for a week. Does anybody have the b@lls to take me up on this?
what shootout :confused:

Colts with no running game + INTs = Dolphins win

#1 Jets Fan be sure to read this one:

Jets want to ignore their December history
and I thought the Fins had late season problems :lol: I guess people only noticed our late season problems since we made the playoffs despite of them usually. :lol:
I won't make

that bet because I want you here... I want to abuse the Hell out of you when we are two games ahead of the Jets....
Hey Broncos fans..Can you please take whipping boy back :rolleyes: :lol:
#1 Jets Fan

aren't you a little tired of making that prediction. your record is as bad as the jets. you couldn't have been right more than 3 times. (of course thats 3 times more than the jets have won the division):lol: the main difference is, your pathetic predictions aren't confined to December!

btw 39, thanks for the article. this board goin down as much as it has lately has really been getting me frustrated. i needed a little humor to get me in a good mood this morning! :D
Sounds to me you don't understand that this is a Dolphins board..I'm sure there are other Jets boards out there that would love to have you....
Re: Why now do you want me to leave?

Originally posted by #1 Jets Fan
Can't stand when somebody knows your scared?
What is the problem with this bet?

What is your deal? :confused: Can you not see that this is a "Dolphins" board? The game at hand is the Dolphins vs Colts, so that makes yours a 3rd party bet. Why do we care to bet with you? Why should any of us HAVE TO leave? Are you that bored with your own "Jets" board that you have to come over here and prove your a man? :rolleyes: WHATEVER! :yell: Why don't you just take your "Jets" balls elsewhere or I will be more than happy to hang them on my Dolphins Xmas tree. :D :lol:

Good Luck with the Steelers..........BWAHAHAHAHAHA!! :lol:
Oh geeez :rolleyes: I have no balls. :( Therefore I guess I am not a man. :( That's right Sherlock, I have NO BALLS because I am a WOMAN!! :lol:

I have every confidence in my team that we will WIN against the Colts. I do not say that because of your insignificant presence on this board or your ridiculous bet. I will remain on this board regardless of the outcome. If we win, then I will be happy. If we lose, I will be unhappy. BUT, regardless of the outcome, I will not boast nor will I give you props for your prediction. I will, however, blast you "Jets fans" when the Steelers kick your a$$.
Re: Re: Re: Why now do you want me to leave?

Originally posted by #1 Jets Fan
Don't give me that 3rd party crap... If your scared your team will lose, just say so.

I don't think anybody here is scared...I don't make any bets because you NEVER know who will win....You probably would have bet that the Jets would have won last week...If you did..Now where did that get ya..If you didn't..then you probably would have. My point is you never know who is gonna win the game.
Listen I have said

all along I am not comfortable with tihs game. It depends which Peyton shows up. If Manning is on that night he is unstoppable, ask the Jets, when he scored 42 points... Oh I forgot the Jets are a better teams now. They showed us that last week against the Patriots. I'm sure Mickens has half the talent that Glenn has. The Dolphins have had injuries all season and have not made excuses they won. What injuries have the Jets dealt with??? Moss and now Glenn. Let's see how the defense holds up. I guess the already showed us in the second half of the game...

You can talk all you want, we might not win this game. But the Jets won't win either...

What she's trying to say is. This is an A & B coversation, C your way out.:lol: Theres a huge mess over @ cyberhigh that needs your attention. Get on it, and on your way over, pick us up another case.
How did you guys get to own him...Did he lose a bet? :o

The Jets board all chipped in, and paid us to take him.:lol: We own his azz, no doubt about it. I just bet you didn't know that once he did place a bet with our board, which he lost. He was suppose to leave the board for the rest of the season, and the day after we lost to the Ravens in last years playoffs, he tried to disquise himself as Ravens#1fan, after 2 posts we nailed his azz, and hes been cleaning up and serving up the beers ever since.:goof: Watch him around the food though, last week we caught him doing this,:monkey: :eat:
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