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The Game

We got robbed

Ty law tackled Ward before the ball got there and no #$%#$%$# % flag and then S#$%hithead Turk gets off a 10 yard punt.
Great D and a 3 and out

why are the Pats throwing ag. the #1 pass D in the NFL :confused:

iiiiiitttttttttttttttt :fire:

Jed you suck

what a waste of a great throw by Jay and a waste of a timeout since we challenged what was a catch :fire: :yell: :evil:

:monkey: Jed Weaver
we totally suck

as usual the turnover leaves the D out on the field all day and F#$%#$%$%ucks up the game plan. Pats make 1 nice play on HB pass to Brady and we are in deep shi%^&%^^%&t. We need another B Walker ball jarring hit like the biggest play last year.
7 team that plays good football

0 - team that cannot hold on to ball or punt
Lamar up the gut twice and

Jay throws it away on 3rd and long - at least Turk can punt from left to right.:rolleyes: :evil:
is over

:yell: :cry: :fire: :yell: :cry: :fire:
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