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The Hits just keep on comin'

message boards attract all sorts off people. Sometimes it's the people that you wouldn't talk to anywhere else.

Age is not a factor. There are some great posters under twenty here, and are great contributors. The occasional dumb kid sneaks in, but to blame all inane posts on age would be discounting the fact that stupid people age too.

asinine posts come from everywhere. Whether it's the young kid ("don't talk smack about ricky, he ain't here to defend himself"0 to older posters ("they should be cut from the team for not going to a preseason game during a hurricane just because they're worried about there families") to the ******* that started the can ______ play FS threads.

Look for thread titles not off the deep end ("trade for Boldin") or look for posters you trust.

You can't get rid of the idiots, but you can ignore them
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