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Theoretical QB/RB question

None Of The Above. Both scenarios have Feeley at QB and that is a no-win proposition.

If we had a choice at developing Alex Smith, with Frerotte, I would favor that. Not sure about Rodgers.

I am not 100% sold that Ronnie Brown is going to be a superstar in the NFL either. He will have an above-average career, and we HAD to have a better RB, so I don't have a problem with getting him. I would have been fine with Cadillac who IMHO fits the Linehan offense better.

Feeley will do fine and we'll have two stud runningbacks and three stud receivers and a great Tight end and so on and so on.....
C.) AJ Feeley/Sage Rosenfels RB:Ronnie Brown/Kay Jay Harris

Frerrotte ends career in preseason 2005 by smashing head into the wall again
A of course.

Why on earth would anyone want a situation in which we depended on Ricky to be our feature back with Gordon/Minor/Morris as backups???????? That would be like pizzing on an electric fence, and then doing it again to see if there there is a different outcome.
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