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this is a strange question but.........


thank you
Jul 31, 2004
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who can you picture in your head in a fins uniform out of this draft? for me i love brown and edwards but i just cant picture them in a fins uniform. i dont know why, but i can picture benson or caddilac with our jersey! and rolle also.
I want either Smith, Brown or Edwards, but the only one I can picture with the Fins jersey is Edwards for some reason. Dunno why. you mean how they "look" in one of jerseys ? This isn't turning into one of those Queer Eye episodes that I have heard so much about is it?
i have a feeling Edwards will be taken..i dunno why but thats just the feeling I get
I can see Benson in a Fins jersey because he looks like Ricky.

The other guy I see most likely in a Fins uniform is Alex Smith. Maybe it's because it seems like he and Saban have been on good terms since his workouts.
i could see johnson number 59 in a d phins jersey....thats derrick johnson and barron 77.
I get a feeling that we could be drafting Edwards... would love to see Mike Williams though as #11 for us.

could really see benson wearing #32, dunno why.
I cant see Edwards, probably because I just dont want to, but I can see Brown and Smith in fins unis.
Aaron Rogers for some reason is the guy I can see in a finz uni the most. And even though I think SF is going to take Rogers I see Smith in a SF uni the most.
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