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Tony Gonzales at TE For Miami???



I am hearing rumors about a deal that would send the pro bowler to Miami. I need to go to bed, but I shall have more information has I collect it.

Gaz.....this guy is not the real DCH.....he only has 1 post.......87 are you checking this out?

seems to be a problem with my post log as it was sent back to 1. I do not know the reason why my status and posts have been eliminated. Anyways, Im here and will have more information on this exciting prospect as it comes through.

Gaz......look at the post style and then go check out the members section like I said in the other thread.....THIS is NOT the real DCH.
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That also seems to be an imposter's thread.

...I dunno, you make a rep. as a reliable insider source and then people want to cash in on your credibility. Will the real DCH please stand up.:lol:

(Thanks for the steer inFIN - the story looked vaguely sensible until I started digging).
That's why he's offering a reward to find out who this moron is.....
here's the kicker....I just spotted it too.....look at the's "HOLD"L"N, not HOLD"I"N......get 'em 87!!!
Yeah and Miami may also get the Tooth Fairy ... my sources tell me she's ready to some out of retirement. But that she wants Santa kinda money. Maybe we can fit her into our cap situation.
Looks like a fake. All the mods would have to do is check this guy's IP address and compare to be certain.

What a loser.
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