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Tua is 7-3


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Sep 14, 2019
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Those of us who support him recognize that he is young and still learning to play the QB position in the NFL. While having to play behind a bad OL and with no real rushing game to threaten the defense. He also had little or no practice time with a lot of his receivers in training camp because of their many injuries.

For those who want any QB but Tua, they don’t care about anything but Tua isn’t good enough for them. To those individuals all the problems on the offense are his fault and they will all go away if the Dolphins trade 10 draft picks to bring in the QB they prefer.

I will freely admit I support Tua as the teams QB but I still don’t know if he is the long term answer because he hasn’t played enough for me to make that determination. I hope he is the answer for the Dolphins long term but how he plays the rest of this season will give us a clearer answer about his future with the Dolphins.

As for now, I just accept that the anti-Tua crowd is going to continue to hate on him and rejoice in every mistake he makes. I believe they hate having to root for Tua more than they like rooting for the Dolphins. It doesn’t make sense to me as a fan since 1966, but it is what it is.


Nov 16, 2016
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Tua played fine today, not great but both QBs played winning football. Solomon Kindley tried to f*** us but X saves the day.
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