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Jan 20, 2008
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Your reply has nothing to do with "not tanking" last year.

I remember coach Flores say at the start of the year that "tanking" was disrespectful to the game and I agree with him!

I agree to a limited extent with being tired of a stream of excuses, but I do feel the need to apply reason when evaluating the results of the teams performance.

When almost 1/2 the team goes off the field with injuries there is a problem, but I see a reason (not an excuse) for this problem.

We had lost many key players and were working with 2nd and 3rd string players who did not get nearly the same number of "snaps" in training and then suddenly found themselves on the field for prolonged periods of play.

We were using a totally new set of systems (offense and defense) that took time to learn and get coordinated. When we were able to perform as a winning team by the last 1/4 of the season, watching the team play was fun.
Please note that these are not excuses; just a recognition of the reality the team was going through.

The fact that many of the players on the field at the end of the year were average at best, getting a belated winning performance out of that team is a credit to the coaches.

This is the NFL where each year teams change by the loss and addition of players. Some teams get better, some teams get worse and some teams don't change that much. It takes a sense of reason to evaluate if a team has really improved or if changes in performance were just flukes, and there are always a lot of flukes.

Consistency of good play is the essence of a successful team. This is not based on "no excuses", but on players consistently "doing their job" and doing it as well or better then their opponent and the reasons they play like that.

I hope I've made my point that "reason" trumps "no excuses".

Reason is an adult response to adverse situations while "no excuses" is the cry of a child without the wisdom of experience!
Yes winning 5 game from dolphins point view is good but winning 5 games from team like k.c, bal,hou,N.e,bill,GB,min,N.O, and other team around nfl.they look at u say jokee.. there no excuse in nfl. U either winning or u not. Yes we rebuild I understand that.U dont have reply


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Mar 18, 2012
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Why wait until Thursday to start testing the players? They could have done the testing earlier this week and had the players actually practice on Thursday.

I think after you get tested you have to teast again 48 hours later before you can "work" ... test negative Thurs. and then on Sat. and play on Sunday/Monday ...

If they tested earlier they could still get infected before game day and testing Thurs. lessens the odds tremendously .... I think anyway


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Jan 17, 2008
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If this was a normal season there would be a chance Tua could start the season. With the virus and all the collateral damage caused by the virus I see zero chance of Tua starting the season. This may work out for the better because even if your dying to see Tua as a fan you know the prudent thing to do is sit him for a spell. Once we know what our o-line is like when the bullets are real and once we know we can run the ball efficiently then we can make a judgement based on how he's looking in practice etc. I predict a 3-3 start, then Tua gets inserted for game 7 against Arizona. I predict Tua plays great and we have our franchise QB.


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Jul 18, 2008
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richmond va
Miamis gonna take a ton of tuas offensive concepts at bama to their pro offense.

they better. Design the offense completely around tuas strengths make the other QBs work around it.

transition won’t be as difficult a one for tua as it’s being made out to be. Language may change but concepts will be very similar.


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Jan 10, 2020
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Marco Island
I'm still confused why live tweeting is not allowed, kinda makes no sense tbqh.
I don't get it either. I understand the no in person interview part clearly especially with the larger media classification that haven't been tested.
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