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Updated Sept 3 Espn Power Rankings

Putting teams like the Titans and Raiders above the Phinz is a joke!!!!.....

We dominate the Titans every time we play them, and the Raiders lost J. Gruden. If none of you thought losing him was a big deal, just wait and see.....He made the Raiders as good as they were.

In a way, I'm glad that the experts picked us so low. It will ultimately give us more fuel to prove them wrong in the end....

Having the Jets ahead of us was enough for me to laugh, i don't care how many times they have beaten us in a row. This streak stops in less than 3 weeks!!
Mort is a ***et. All of the Experts on ESPN are idiots as well. They are so Mother @#$! blind.
Don't worry, it's only preseason power rankings guys, don't get your panties in a bunch. The problem with these stupid rankings is, every year the 'Fins wind up being somewhere right near one or two for a couple weeks around mid-season and then they wind up dropping to 10 or 11 near the end. If they have them at #11 now, whol cares, if they're in the same position at the end of the year, then we have something to worry about because then it's just same old same old.
we won't be in the same position so the assholes should put us where we need to be. We are not as bad as last year, but better. and I guess the only way people will realize that is when we kick everybodies ass
I say we are the worst team in the league...the very worst...32nd overall.

Now Dolphins, go out and prove me wrong. ;)
Is, asshole, now allowed to be said on the boards 87?
I've seen assholes everywhere today.
sorry man, it was me. I'm just really pissed off, I'm new here so if I can't say it, I won't
NBD...just curious because the computer used to censor that word.
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