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Sep 29, 2001
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1. Houston- David Carr QB Fresno St. - They will need a good QB for the future, and Carr is the perfect fit. He probably won't play this year but will in 2003 and will be good when he plays.

2. Carolina- Julius Peppers DE North Carolina - Carolina has a horrrible defensive line, and Peppers will give it the spark that it needs. He will be a great pass rusher who can play on every down.

3. Detroit - Quentin Jammer CB Texas- Jammer will be a great addition to the Lions who really need a CB. I wouldn't be surprised if Dallas tries to move up to this spot to take Jammer.

4. Buffalo - Joey Harrington QB Oregon - The biggest need in Buffalo is still QB, and Harrington fits their needs. Don't worry, the Bills will still suck if they select Harrington.

5. San Diego - Bryant McKinnie OT Miami - He is a steal in this spot, but San Diego really needs an offensive linemen and McKinnie is what they need. He will be able to make some holes and will give help to LaDanian Tomlinson, who had absolutely no holes to run through last season.

6. Dallas - John Henderson DT Tennesee - Henderson has moved down many draft boards, but he is still a quality DT that Dallas needs. I wouldn't be surprised if Dallas moves up to get Quentin Jammer, however,

7. Minnesota - Roy Williams S Oklahoma - Minnesota has a horrible defense and they need a playmaker, which is why they will draft Roy Williams. Safties usually aren't picked this high but Williams is the exception.

8. Kansas City - Wendall Bryant DT Wisconsin - I used to think they were going to go with a WR here, but with the signing of Morton I have changed my mind. Bryant is dominant and Kansas City could use him.

9. Jacksonville - Mike Williams OT Texas - There are questions about the health of Mike Williams, which would make him a perfect fit in Jacksonville. Former Jacksonville OT Tony Boselli was like Williams, both are very good OTs with injury problems. Boselli is gone, and although Williams isn't as good, he is still good and would be a decent replacement.

10. Cincinnati - Philip Bucannon CB Miami - Cincinnati has a really bad secondary, and Bucannon is a very good CB who can step in and give them immediate help.

11. Indianapolis - Ryan Sims DT North Carolina - Sims is huge and that should help Indianapolis a lot. Sims will be a great NFL run stopper, something the Colts could use.

12. Arizona - Albert Haynesworth DT Tennessee - Arizona could really use a defensive tackle. Haynesworth is not the best one in this draft but is still worth this pick.

13. New Orleans - Mike Pearson OT Florida - New Orleans lost Wille Roaf and they already have one good tackle. Another good tackle would make tackle a strength on this team, which is why they will go for Pearson.

14. Tennessee - Edward Reed S Miami - Tennessee's strongest weakness is safety, and they will certainly select one in this draft since there is a lot of good ones available. They want Roy Williams, but since he won't be around when they pick they will go with the second best one in the draft, Edward Reed.

15. New York Giants - Jeremy Shockey TE Miami - The Giants need a TE badly, a guy that can help their recieving game. They have 2 decent WRs, so the best guy for them is Shockey, the best recieving TE in this year's draft.

16. Cleveland - TJ Duckett RB Michigan State - Cleveland desperately needs a running back, and Duckett would be perfect for the team. He has a great mix of speed and power and may become one of the NFL's top backs very soon.

17. Atlanta - Donte Stallworth WR Tennessee - They have a great young QB in Michael Vick, and now they need a good young WR to go along with him, and they will go with the talented Stallworth.

18. Washington - Jabar Gaffney WR Florida - Like Butch Davis, Steve Spurrier likes to take players he coached in college. He hasn't done a draft yet but has already signed two players because he coached them in Florida, and Washington needs a WR to go with Rod Gardner, and will pick Gaffney. Michael Westbrook always gets injured and they will need a second WR.

19. Denver - Napoleon Harris OLB Northwestern - Denver really needs an outside linebacker after losing a very good one in Romonowski. Harris is the best linebacker in the draft and Denver will take him.

20. Seattle - Daniel Graham TE Colorado - They really need a TE, and they will go with Graham, who isn't as good as Shockey but still has an incredible upside.

21. Oakland - Ashley Lelie WR Hawaii - Oakland is certainly looking for a wide reciever since they only have two good ones and they are both very old. Lelie can learn from Rice and Brown before they retire and Lelie could play as the third wide reciever this year and become a great one in a few.

22. New York Jets - Lito Sheppard CB Florida - The Jets lost both of their corners to the expansion draft and are yet to find any replacements, so they will use the draft to find at least one if not two. Sheppard is a pretty good cornerback who can help the Jets.

23. Oakland - Kalimba Edwards DE/OLB South Carolina - Oakland could use a linebacker, and Edwards plays that and defensive end. It is not yet known what position he will play in the NFL, however. He is still a great talent that Oakland will not pass on.

24. Baltimore - Levi Jones OT Arizona State - Baltimore is desperate for offensive line help. They have a good young back in Jamal Lewis coming off surgery from a torn ACL. He won't be at full speed this season but could really use a good tackle. Jones would have Jonathan Ogden at the other side.

25. New Orleans - Josh Reed WR LSU - This is a steal for New Orleans who needs a WR and can take Reed. Reed is considered one of the best WRs in the draft and he would probably be the second WR on this team opposite of Joe Horn.

26. Philadelphia - Toniu Fonoti OG Nebraska - A very good guard who is a monster and extremely strong will fall to Philadelphia and they can use his strength on an already decent line.

27. San Francisco - Andre Gurode OG Colorado - Ray Brown is getting old and he will need to be replaced , which is why San Francisco will take Gurode. He can help San Francisco's already strong running game.

28. Green Bay - Antonio Bryant WR Pittsburgh - Green Bay needs some WRs for Favre to throw to. They really need a 3rd wideout, which is where Bryant could step in.

29. Chicago - Keyuo Craver CB Nebraska - Craver will help Chicago's CB corps on an already excellent defense. Chicago is looking for some guys who can cover, so this pick makes a lot of sense.

30. Pittsburgh - Mike Rumph CB Miami - Although the most talented players around at this spot are all RBs, they already have 3 good ones so they won't select one. They could use another cornerback, and Rumph is an experienced one that they could use.

31. St. Louis - Andre Davis WR Virginia Tech - St. Louis lost Hakim, so they are now looking for a third reciever. Davis is a great talent and he would really be an amazing third reciever for the Rams.

32. New England - Charles Grant DE Georgia - This selection would make a lot of sense. Grant played with DT Richard Seymour in college and they would both be first round selections. New England is looking for a good pass rusher.

Second round:

33. Houston - William Green RB Boston College - There are a lot of good RBs in this draft, but it is not a glaring need on a lot of teams since these are mostly low first round players. Green is a good RB who will do well in front of Houston's great offensive line.

34. Carolina - DeShaun Foster RB UCLA - Three running backs in a row will kick off the second round. Detroit needs help in the running game, and Foster will help them.

35. Detroit - Anthony Weaver DT Notre Dame - Detroit can go a lot of places with this pick, but I believe they will stick with defense, which is why they will go with Weaver, a guy who can help their line. Weaver can also play DE which is always a positive.

36. Buffalo - Terrance Metcalf OG Mississippi State - Buffalo needs a lot of help on the offensive line, and Metcalf would be a good start. Since the team already has Ruben Brown, having Metcalf can establish power in the middle of the Buffalo line.

37. Dallas - Lamont Thompson S Washington State - Woodson is getting old now and he could use someone next to him with a lot of talent. Thompson is an incredible athlete, he runs a 4.4 forty and weighs 220 pounds, which is amazing.

38. Minnesota - Eddie Freeman DT Alabama-Birmingham - Minnesota already has one good DT in Hovan, but they could use another one next to him. Freeman is a very talented player who will make the line stronger in Minnesota.

39. San Diego - Larry Triplett DT Washington - San Diego just lost their best DT to Oakland, so they will try to draft another one. They have very good DEs already, so all that is missing are the DTs. Triplett could fill one of the voids at DT.

40. Jacksonville - Dennis Johnson DE Kentucky - Jacksonville has a very weak defensive line. Johnson is a good athlete who can help the pass rush in Jacksonville.

41. Cincinnati - Michael Lewis S Minnesota - Cincinnati needs help almost everywhere, but the worst part of their team is the secondary, so they will try to fix that with their first two picks in the draft.

42. Indianapolis - Saleem Rasheed LB Alabama - Indy will probably select defensive players with almost every pick in the draft, so this is a no brainer. They are weak at LB and they can select Rasheed, who will probably start right away.

43. Kansas City - Dwight Freeney DE Syracuse - Freeney could help Kansas City's awful defensive line.

44. New Orleans - Robert Thomas LB UCLA - New Orleans is still in need for a linebacker. Thomas has speed and a lot of talent.

45. New York Giants - Javon Walker WR Florida State - The Giants still need a third WR even if they do go with Shockey in the first, which is why they will go with Walker in the second.

46. Tennessee - Kendall Simmons OG Auburn - With the probable retirement of Bruce Matthews, Tennessee will have an opening at guard. Eddie George will be successful this season after struggling last year after having offseason surgery, and filling in the void at guard will make their running game successful again.

47. Cleveland - Marquise Walker WR Michigan - Cleveland has a great young QB in Tim Couch but only one good reciever. They could really use another and they will go with Walker.

48. San Diego - Derek Ross CB Ohio State - San Diego has a great safety in Rodney Harrison, but they need some corners, and Ross would be a good start.

49. Arizona - Levar Fisher OLB North Carolina State - Arizona is weak at linebacker. Fisher is good and could really help out Arizona.

50. Houston - Bryan Thomas DE Alabama-Birmingham - Houston is using a 3-4 and they already have 2 good linemen, and in a 3-4 you need 3 dominant lineman, and Thomas would be the third.

51. Denver - Reche Caldwell WR Florida - The Broncos could really use a third wideout as shown last season. McCaffrey went down and absolutely no one did anything to replace him.

52. Washington - Fred Weary OG Tennessee - The Redskins could use a guard, and Spurrier will pick a player from a college rival. Weary is a very talented guard.

53. Oakland - Jerramy Stevens TE Washington - The Raiders could use a good TE, which is why they will use a second round pick on Stevens. They have nothing to lose with this pick, they had two first rounders and two second rounders.

54. Seattle - Dorsett Davis DT Mississippi - Seattle could use another DT to give more strength to their defensive line. Davis is the tough player that the Seahawks could use.

55. Oakland - Alan Harper DT Fresno State - Oakland needs a DT due to the loss of Darrell Russell to a drug suspension.

56. Baltimore - Ryan Denney DE BYU- Baltimore lost almost everyone and they need a DE, which is why they will select Denney. Baltimore won't have a good defense like they used to, but him and McCrary would make a good set of DEs.

57. New York Jets - Marc Columbo OT Boston College - Columbo is a very good OT, one the Jets can use since they lost the talented Ryan Young to the expansion draft.

58. Philadelphia - Clinton Portis RB Miami - Since most teams just don't need a RB, Portis was passed up by most teams. Philadelphia won't do the same, however, because the jury is still out on Duce Staley and he may need to be replaced.

59. Philadelphia - Ron Johnson WR Minnesota - Philadelphia is weak at WR, which is a good reason to draft Johnson, who is a very talented WR.

60. San Francisco - Andra Davis LB Florida - San Francisco could use a linebacker, and they are lucky that with this pick they can take someone who is worth this selection, who is Davis.

61. Green Bay - Patrick Ramsey QB Tulane - Green Bay can go a lot of ways with this pick, but Favre is getting older every year and if he ever got a serious injury (he will play injured), they wouldn't have a good backup after dealing Hasselbeck (which was a great trade for Green Bay, since he is a backup). Ramsey has a lot of talent and would make a great backup.

62. Pittsburgh - Trev Faulk LB LSU - Pittsburgh, which uses a 3-4, could always use a good linebacker. Faulk fits this mold and is worth picking at this point.

63. Chicago - Rohan Davey QB LSU - The Bears have the old and not very good Jim Miller as their QB, and he will probably be released soon. The Bears like Davey a lot and they won't pass up on him at this point in the draft.

64. St. Louis - Antwaan Randle-El QB/KR/WR Indiana - This is certainly a reach for Randle-El, but he is perfect for this team. He can throw, return kicks, and recieve. St. Louis needs a good kick returner, and they love to do trick plays, and this guy is perfect for the trick play. This would be a great fit, and Randle-El is one of the most talented players ever.

65. New England - Roosevelt Williams CB Tuskegee - No one knows what college he went to but people are starting to hear about Williams. New England could use some corners and they can afford to work on a project type of player since they are the Super Bowl champions.

Third Round

66. Houston - Cliff Russell WR Utah - Houston is certainly not strong at WR. Since Houston drafted a lot of defense and offensive linemen in the draft, they will go for WR/RB/QB in the draft. Russell may be the only WR in the draft to be number 1 on its team depth chart when the season begins because Houston is very weak at that position.

67. Carolina - Kevin Thomas CB UNLV - Carolina just signed Terry Cousin but they are still very weak at cornerback. Thomas is a very good player who Carolina won't pass on.

68. Detroit - Kurt Kittner QB Illinois - Detroit will release Charlie Batch in June and they will only have Mike McMahon. McMahon looked good at the end of the year, but he was a late round pick and you don't know how he will do in a full season. Kittner has experience and although I don't think rookies should start at QB in their first season, he could fill in during the middle if McMahon struggles.

69. Buffalo - Alex Brown DE Florida - This is a steal at this point of the draft. Buffalo is desperate for a pass rusher.

70. Minnesota - Melvin Paige OT South Carolina - With the loss of Korey Stringer, they need a tackle. Paige isn't as good as Stringer but is still good.

71. San Diego - Seth McKinney C Texas A&M - San Diego really needs help on their line, and after going with someone on the outside in the first round, they will look inside in the second. McKinney can play center or guard so he is a flexible player.

72. Dallas - Luke Staley RB BYU - Staley may be a reach at this point, but the Cowboys are known for making reaches in the draft. Staley had a great college career including an incredible final season which prompted him to leave school early. Emmitt Smith is getting old and Staley could be used as insurance, but Staley is a very good RB being overlooked by many teams.

73. Cincinnati - Will Overstreet DE Tennessee - Cincinnati could use help at DE, where they have one great young player in Justin Smith. They can use another talented player on the other side to develop a good pass rush against other teams.

74. Indianapolis - Jon McGraw S Kansas State - Tony Dungy likes to have good talented safeties, and he did in Tampa Bay. He will try to do the same in Indianapolis and he will draft McGraw, who will drop to the third round.

75. Kansas City - Pig Prather S Mississippi State - Kansas City has a very bad secondary and they are desperate for a safety. Prather has talent and a weird nickname.

76. Jacksonville - Najeh Davenport FB Miami - Jacksonville has a great RB in Fred Taylor, but he is always injured. Davenport is a very good blocker and reciever but he would be a good fit in Jacksonville because when Taylor gets injured (by week 4 at the latest) he can play RB and be more successful than Stacey Mack.

77. New York Giants - Victor Rogers OT Colorado - The Giants could use offensive line help. Rogers is a good tackle that would fit in well with the Giants.

78. Tennessee - Kahlil Hill WR Iowa - Hill probably won't start, but the Titans are very weak at WR and could at least use a guy who could be a good third wideout.

79. Atlanta - Justin Bannan DT Colorado - Atlanta has a very weak defensive line, and could really use a tackle. Bannan would help this team out a lot.

80. Cleveland - Chester Pitts OT San Diego State - Cleveland can improve their offensive line, which is why they will take Pitts. They will use this draft to try to make their running game stronger and do some other things as well, and this will help them.

81. Arizona - Lamar Gordon RB North Dakota State - Even though Arizona did draft a RB in the first round two years ago, he is a bust and if he doesn't succeed this year he will be gone. They lost Pittman so they now need another RB. Gordon was very good in college even though he never really played any tough teams and Arizona would be smart to select him.

82. New Orleans - Sheldon Brown CB South Carolina - The Saints drafted a CB in the last round, and I wouldn't be surprised if they did again in this round. They really need help at this position and both could have an impact on the team this year.

83. Houston - Raonall Smith LB Washington State - Houston is using a 3-4, meaning that they will need very good linebackers. Although they do have Jamie Sharper, they still need more linebackers. Smith is a very good linebacker who would start right away if Houston drafted him.

84. St. Louis - Terry Jones TE Alabama - I don't really know what this team needs because they don't need anything really, so they could draft a TE in case Conwell struggles.

85. Denver - Forfeited pick

86. Seattle - Ramon Walker S Pittsburgh - Seattle could use a safety, so Walker would be a perfect fit.

87. Tampa Bay - Chester Taylor RB Toledo - Tampa Bay could use a good speedy RB after losing Dunn. They signed Pittman but could still use another RB. Taylor could be a good third down back.

88. Baltimore - James Allen OLB Oregon State - Baltimore needs a replacement for Jamie Sharper. Allen could start right away alongside Lewis and Boulware.

89. New York Jets- Mike Echols CB Wisconsin- The Jets don't have any corners that have talent, so they will draft Echols. He will start right away.

90. Oakland - LaCharles Bentley C Ohio State - At this point, it doesn't matter who Oakland picks. They can draft a center, so they will go with the talented Bentley.

91. Miami - Joaquin Gonzalez OT Miami - Miami still has problems at OT since Brent Smith is still unproven. Gonzalez proved himself in college and could be a successful NFL player.

92. Philadelphia - Andre Lott CB Tennessee - Lott would be a great nickel back for Philadelphia who already has a great secondary.

93. Chicago - Eric Heitmann OG Stanford - Chicago could use another good guard, which is why they will go with Heitmann.

94. Pittsburgh - Kenyon Coleman DE UCLA- Pittsburgh doesn't have a lot of needs, so they can draft a good DE at this point.

95. St. Louis - Akin Ayodele DE Purdue - I guess they could use another DE, but they really don't need anything.

96. New England - Ben Leber LB Kansas State - New England could use another linebacker on their team since it isn't the strongest part of the team.
Ice, I agree with the possibility of us taking Joaquin Gonzales in the 3rd round. I watched him while he was with the 3rd best school in FL:) and he impressed me with his pass blocking/run blocking. He seems to be solid overall offensive tackle.
Gonzalez is pretty limited athletically and physically. He's small and gets by on great technique, intelligence, and grit. But it's gonna take more than that to be a LT in the NFL, which he didn't play at UM.

In a nutshell, he's an overachiever. And that's not a wise risk to take with our first pick. Especially for a small guy who hasn't played LT.
Also, I just can't see William Green lasting until the 2nd Round. If he and Duckett are there for Cleveland, they'll take Green.
I think we'll draft the best offensive lineman possible at #90, but if Gonzalez is the best then we might go with LB or even TE. Alex Brown will not fall that far, although he is overrated. Staley is an overrated, injury proned RB so Dallas might pick him early.
Staley is pretty good actually. Brown will probably go up and so will Lelie, who dropped a lot on this one.
just a question where do we pick in the third i have seen 90 or 91 as the spot does anyone know for sure
It is the 90th pick but I have it as 91 because Denver forfeits their third round pick and I have a number corresponding to that.
Mock Draft

I cant really see green lasting till the 2nd round. Dallas has said they are looking for Emmit Smiths replacement and the love green. Other than that the draft looks good

:monkey: New York Jets
Dallas has been sweating Green hard, and when Jerry Jones likes somebody, Jerry JOnes gets that person. You know my stance on the 2 first round RBs, no way they get to the second.

I like that you have the 4 DTs gone by 12, what made you change your mind? You were absolutely positive they would last till 21 last week.

Flip-Flop Pearson and Levi Jones. No way Pearson goes that high. He may not even be a first rounder any more.

Javon Walker looks a little low. I agree with you on Alex Brown, he will be a waste of a 3rd rounder. Andra Davis wont go ahead of Trev Faulk. Lelie is also pretty low.

Again, I think Staley and Jerramy Stevens wont be first day selections, not because of talent.

Davey is a round too high as well. LeCharles Bentley might be a late first rounder now, he is a HIGH riser in the past week or so.

Good job tho.
hmmm ..small overachiever huh .....anybody remember a guy who was a smallish underachiever? ...how about zach? But i think we should go with the best available o lineman or lb but who knows ...i sure didnt think we would be drafting a conerback in the first last year ....so ............
I only had one DT fall to 21. I do have Pearson too high, in my next one I know I will have him at 25 and Stallworth at 13 for the Saints. I will update it when I have time, but I have to go to school everyday. I plan on updating it once a week, on the weekend.
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