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We delete them faster than you can make them.

oh it's just nice to know that the BBI is still as immature as ever.
It seems to cut both ways 87.

Some of your finest travel that way quite a bit.
Robert, this crap goes back three years...and you want to know who starts it every year? That's right, Rick and his immature band of brothers. At least you don't see our mods over there creating three or four different user names just to screw up your boards.
We certainly have a bunch of morons from these parts crapping on BBI on a consistant basis. Nothing like this mess today but it's not a one-way street.

Ask echo, ronnie-augs, WCF etc how they spend their free time.

And for gods sake, teach ronnie how to spell.
Thanks 87 that stuffs was getting old..some of us are not kids anymore and want to keep the board on football stuff.
Yea umm Robert...ronnie augs, and Billsfan1, and finfanatic all had the same IP addy...isn't that interesting? So someone over there is really a Buffalo fan posing as a Phin fan just to start crap.

Why don't you ask a few of the people who left BBI to start Billszone, why they left.
Ok wanna get rid of the rest of the threads that have to do with the Bills crap?

By the way if indeed you can find posts over on BBI where the admins state they are involved in such you can report them to their ISP. I had a board tossed from their ISP over TOS violations due to sanctioned board raids like that.
Van I am looking into getting Rick and his bunch into some serious trouble right now...AJ and I will let you know how it goes.
K. I would suggest turning off new member additions for a day or so and just have it leave a message as to why it's turned off. It's not like we have dozens of people signing up everyday ;p
I will talk it over with AJ...but I am sure that is how we will go
Originally posted by Adphinistrator87
I will talk it over with AJ...but I am sure that is how we will go
sounds good to me :sleep: - not allowing new users that is
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