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We need a TE, But Who? Check out my analysis....

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Mar 21, 2002
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I've been thinking about the TE situation. One thing is for sure.. We need one. The question is: Who?

Lets take a look at free agency:

Still Available (Only "good" players listed)

Shannon Sharpe and Ken Dilger:

Both are receiving TEs. We don't need a receiving TE we need a blocking TE. So both of these are out. Besides, they will both want bigger contracts than we will be willing to offer.


Jeremy Shockey (Miami): Will be gone by the time we pick.
Daniel Graham (Colorado): Will be gone by the time we pick.
Jerramy Stevens (Washington): Will probably be taken in the 2nd round

That leaves:

Doug Jolley (BYU): Good blocker, Good receiver. Projected as a third or fourth round pick. Mel Kiper calls him "A good West Coast TE".

Matt Schobel (TCU): Good size (6'5, 257). Good all-around skills, but considered a project....

Neither of these two players make my toes tingle (as Mandich would say), so I guess the question remains: Who?

Phins Phan
I have to question you callin Dilger a receiving TE and not recognizing his great blocking. Dilger was their primary blocking TE and most of the time didn't even break out into a pattern, that is why he was upset about how he was being used. He was basically being a 3rd OT, like good ol Goodwin here in Miami.(much better than Hunter!!!!!!!)

Pollard was the receiving TE. Dilger is a very good blocker, part of the reason why Edge gained so many yards with out a true FB.

Don't sleep on Dilger's blocking.
I have to agree, Dilger is an awesome al around tight end; one of the best in the game today. I believe that Wanny is going to stick with the crew that he has right now though and maybe bring in another TE from the later rounds of the draft. If Mayes can stay healthy and perform up to expectations he will be the man. It'll be interesting to see how the TE situation plays out.

A healthy Mayes will probably equal a good TE situation. An injured Mayes could prove to be a big problem. :eat:
Funny you mention Doug Jolley. Mandich was talking about him today on his radio show. His words were something to the effect of "A name to remember is Doug Jolley from BYU. I like this kid". Mandich was sort of coy about it. Gave me the impression that he might be in our sights.
I really don't think we need a TE...

I am a big Jed Weaver fan. I really believe he can be a Stephen Alexander/Chad Lewis type in Norv Turner's offense. Ever notice that when the Dolphins were playing from behind, Weaver shined? Maybe he's not a great blocker, but don't forget that this guy is 6-4, 250!

If we were to draft a TE in the 3rd round, he would probably be a project... agree? Well, I think we have two "projects" in Alonzo Mayes and Shawn Draper. Doug Jolley is one player I wouldn't mind... IMO, he could catch 40-50 passes as a rookie a la Eric Johnson.

Okay, let me clear something up. It seems I was misunderstood. What I would like to see is a blocking STUD at TE. Someone who is truly a 6th offensive linemen. Dilfer is a good all around TE. But I just don't see him as that monstrous pancake blocking TE. Don't get me wrong, I would love to see Dilfer as a Dolphin. He would bring an element of surprise against defenses. Last year, when Weaver came in the defense thought "Pass" and when Goodwin was in they thought "Run". With a Dilfer in there a defense doesn't have that luxury.

However, I don't think it will be possible for the Dolphins to sign him. It's just too much money. We still need help on the OL.
I think a few teams will make a run for him after the draft and we won't be able to complete contract-wise with those other teams.

So I would like the next best thing. A stud blocker. The OL needs help, and Ricky is going to be one of the busiest backs in all the NFL next year. The more blocking we can put in front of him the better.

But I will say this. If we were going to spend a lot for a receiver (and I don't think we should), I would take Dilfer over Cris Carter in a heart beat. Of course, Dilfer will end up signing for a lot more than Carter will.

If we can get Carter for the bargain price of 1 million a year, then I say sign him. Hell, we were going to pay McDuffie that next year for sitting around doing nothiing.

Ahh well, so ends the rumbling of a Phins Phan.
I think Weaver is pretty good. He can make some good catches. He is not a great TE or anything, but he is fine for now.
Phins phan:
We just spent 3 years with a TE that was really an OT in disguise and I for one hated it. Goodwin is a stud blocker for a TE, that is the only reason he is in the league!! We have a nice, big former Oline TE on our roster already in Draper, so if all we want is blocking from the position we should already have that on the roster. No need to spend a lot of money on it.

I don't think we misunderstood you either:

"Shannon Sharpe and Ken Dilger:

Both are receiving TEs. We don't need a receiving TE we need a blocking TE. So both of these are out."

Did you honestly know Dilger was a blocking TE the last few years?
I hope we dont waste a pick on a TE. Especially when we need to improve our OL and there are some quality OL that we can pick up in the third and fourth.
Well the thing is we can't really say there will be good olineman in the 3rd or 4th rounds of the draft, or that picking a TE will be a waste. I htink the best thing to do is wait and see who is available, people slide on draft day, and that is when you have to snatch them up, ie Todd Wade a feww years ago.

See who is there at #90 and then decide what to do. Hypothetically Jeremy Shockey could be there and he wouldn't be a waste(Although you'd have to wonder y he'd still be around!! hehe)

Paul Pierce fell to #10 in the NBA draft 4 years ago, and while it was not admitted, some GM's were thought to pass on him because other teams did and they thought there might be something wrong with him. They didn't do their homework on him because the "knew" he would be gone before their pick.

The draft is wait-and-see!

"Did you honestly know Dilger was a blocking TE the last few years?"

Are you trying to be a smart ass?

Let me answer your question and try to explain myself a second time. Without smart-ass remarks.

Yes I did. Now, do you know why is was a blocking TE the last few years?

It's not because he is the best blocking TE in the league. It's because there is a TE on their roster named Marcus Pollard, who is a better receiver than Dilfer. Dilfer was the blocking TE in Indy not because he is a stud blocker, he was the blocking TE in Indy because Pollard was a better receiver.

Dilfer is a good all around TE. He is a good receiver and a good blocker, although in my opinion he is a better receiver than blocker. Again, he wasn't used in that role in Indy because of Pollard. Since I doubt the Phins can sign him, I would like a blocking TE. We are a run first, pass second team. I would rather have a TE that can flat out block when it's 3rd and 2 and we need to run out the clock.

Phins Phan
Re-read my first reply and I say that Pollard was their receiving TE. It just really seemed that you didn't know that Dilger could block because of the bold statement you used while talking of he and Sharpe.

DilGer is a good blocker and I still don't think you are giving him the credit he deserves in this regard.
Bold statement? Clasifying Sharpe and Dilfer as receiving TEs is a bold statement? Okay.....

If I say Dilfer is a receiving TE, does that automatically mean I think he can't block? Of course not.

What it means is I think Dilfer is a better receiver than he is a blocker. That's it. Is that such a bold statement?

In the end my point was to try and discuss what options the Dolphins have at the TE position. This thread is not about Dilfer and whether he can block or receive. It's about discussing what the Dolphins might do to address the TE position.

I don't want to get into a pissing contest with you. I recently joined this forum to talk Dolphin football. So I'll end this discussion here. If you have an opinion about what the Dolphins might do with the TE position then I would love to hear it. Honestly, no sarcasm here. I want to know what you and anyone else who loves the Dolphins like I do have to say.

I'll say it again. I would love to see Dilfer in a Dolphins uniform. But again, salary-wise I don't think it will happen. In my opinion the next best thing would be a great blocking TE. Who? I don't know. That's the reason I started this thread: To hear all of your opinions on the subject.

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