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We've gone back in time.

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i wish!!! i wouldn’t be a dolphins fan
go away gtfo GIF
Got hammered by wasps Friday doing yardwork, took out the nest with a can of WD-40 and a stick lighter. All lumped up on my neck/back looking like Quasimodo but those MF'ers got BBQ'd

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I got hammered listening to WASP back in the 80’s (I think, some memories are a lil fuzzy)

Hope you’re okay, way to fire em up! 😁
It is the off season
We do not have football

Crazy is all we have got.

Sounds like it's about time for my annual (ok, monthly) MotoGP/Formula 1 plug.....

Having said that, Joe Roberts is the first American MotoGP rider in any class to win a race since the late great Nicky Hayden, and currently battling back from injury to maintain his championship bid. He was leading in points just before his injury, and returned a week later. The bad news is you can't watch Moto2 on TruTV, but videopass is 60% off at the moment and full of great documentaries and classic races.
Guys Henrik tried to upgrade the software but it did not take so we had to go back to an earlier version

Some posts were lost as a result and there were several duplicate posts

Still working out some bugs so hang in there and it should be back to normal soon
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